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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Best and Free Wrestling Game For Android

Best and Free Wrestling Game For Android - Wrestling is a good martial arts. Many professional wrestlers win many competition around the world. Several wrestlers join MMA like UFC to fight other enemy who has different martial arts. So many people want to feel like wrestlers when fight, haha. With wrestling game, it's come true to feel how fight like real wrestlers.

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Real Wrestling 3D

Real Wrestling is 1st 3D realistic wrestling game. You can feel you are the real wrestler and make your adrenalin increase. Wrestling use power, raw emotion, intensity to make you feel you are real wrestler when play this game.Easy control make you control this game easily. Fight your enemy who has many trick and techniques to beat you! Use all techniuqes like clinch, throws, take downs, joint locks,pins to gain to become winner

Feature of Real Wrestling 3D :

  1. Very realistic wrestling game
  2. 3D animation with good backsound to make your game so real
  3. About 140 unique wrestlers fight with you

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D, produced by MDickie and downloaded 730.000 times for 16 years old or more. Make you feel that you are professional wrestler in the game. Many trick, strategy to make your enemy feel the pain and defeated.

Every character has strength and weakness, so you can choose your favorite character to play and fight. You can upgrade the character to defeat your enemy more easily. Good graphic make you enjoy the game and the most important is many wrestling tricks.

Fight easily with userfriendly navigation like this :

Button :
A to aattack
G to grapple
R to run
P to pick up or drop
T to taunt or pin
EYE to activate near enemy
Health meter change the character
Clock to change angle of camera

This game compatible with android controler

WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals produced by Warner Bros International Enterprises and downloaded more than 677.939 times around the world
Give you more sensation with beautiful graphic, character, technique to fight like wrestler. And the most important is you can use WWE character like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Big Show, The Rock, Triple H and more famous character.
Your fight more unique because the character has special effect when attack theirs enemy. You can fight in 3 on 3 combat.
Punch jab, strike, uppercut and hook

That's several best game about WRESTLING! I think enough, download it and play it with real sensation of fight like WRESTLERS.

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