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Friday, 28 April 2017

Best and Free Zombies Game for Android

Best and Free Zombies Game For Android - Hi guys, now i going to show you several best zombie game for android. We knew that zombie game was fun to review it. So now i show and review several zombie games for you. Many game about zombie has many story in the game, some game shoot zombies, and some other has unique game story like several game below.

Zombie catchers

Zombie catchers is adventure game, the story talk about zombie invasion on earth. Earth save by A.J and Bud who is intergalactic businessman and have dedicate to keep our earth from zombie together with catching many zombie on earth.

Features :

  1. You can catch many zombies
  2. discover your new teritories and fight with many zombies too
  3. Unlock many exciting gadgets to catch more effective zombie more.
  4. After that you can build your lab and build your business on earth 
This game is free and you can share with your friends to play it too like you. But some items you can buy with real money. Don't worry, if you don't want to buy the items, you can disable in-app purchases at setting. This game only for people 12 years old or more
Build by FT Games who downloaded more than 225.561
This game must be played by 16 years old or more.

Features :

  1. Zombie frontier returned with more features and 3D graphic
  2. Use all your weapon to fight with many zombies, shoot at all!
  3. Explode many zombies to win the game
  4. Find the medicine to beat the zombie virus
  5. 4 different areas, so you can survive with many sensation when fight with zombies
  6. 200 levels! so you can boring with it? NO!
  7. Take some excercise to kill the sombies with head shoot!
  8. Remember! the zombies not only one type.
  9. Beat 4 boss of zombie with your weapon and strategy
  10. Competition with many players arround the world
  11. Take some bonus item!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

What a fantastic zombie game, Plants vs Zombies has been built new inovation of Plants vs Zombies game who the gameplay is different than before. This game built by Electronic Arts and has been downloaded more than 219.549 times arround the world.

Features :

  1. You can play as ZOMBIES or play as PLANTS! CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE.
  2. Collect your favorite heroes to fight
  3. you can choose 20 plants and zombies heroes and open the super power of the heroes. And you knew that you can choose your heroes to use it for fight! one heroes has special power or combo
  4. Build your TEAM to fight
  5. You can use your strategy in team
  6. Collect your team and set a strategy to fight. You can set your team to use special combo to fight with you, so your enemy upset with your strategy
  7. If you win the game, you can collect new character
That's several best game about ZOMBIES! I think enough, download it and play it with real sensation of fight like ZOMBIE HUNTER!

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