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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Best Baseball Games for Android

Best Baseball Games For Android - Hi guys, Now I show you several baseball games for android. Baseball is very nice and great game and so popular in USA. So this is several best games and you can choose your choice by read the Advantages and disadvantages of the several game above.

MLB Perfect Inning Live

This game was made by Gamevil Inc with sports genre and it was downloaded more than 6.893 times arround the world. Gamevil made this game so you can feel like real base ball player and you can feel it only on your android phones. MLB Perfect Inning can you play only with you finger and you can play it everytime and everywhere.

Feature of MLB Perfect Inning Live :

  1. Many base ball player and you can buy some player or sell some player too to makes your team more solid
  2. The day can change into night, it's cool because you can play with real situation like real base ball player
  3. Seasons effect so cool you can play it on winter or summer.
  4. Manny mission, if you complete many mission, make your player career better
  5. This game is free to play but in this app has some in-app purchases

Super Mega Baseball

This game made by NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios with sports genre and this game downloaded 23 times! this is a new game. This game can you play if you want to buy it only dollar. this game safe for 3 years old kids or more.

Feature of Super Mega Baseball :

  1. Very realistic game and built with phisics law. Everything happen in this game has been set with phisics law so suitable with baseball in the real world
  2. Simple navigation makes you easily to learn how to play baseball in this game
  3. You can play with 2 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 or play with CPU
  4. You can change the player appearance as you want.

MLB 9 Innings 17

This game made by Com2uS with sports genre and it was downloaded more than 38.875 arround the world. MLB 9 Innings 17 is the newest game from 9 Innings other series.

Feature of MLB 9 Innings 17 

  1. Collect your best favorite  player and test them to play baseball
  2. Automatic feature to play game and quick play. So you can play the game quickly
  3. This game built to run in android phones and you can enjoy the game only with one hand and if you want to play this game quickly you can choose quick play to save you time.
  4. you can play at all seasons and league mode

R.B.I Baseball 17

Paid game made by MLB Advanced Media, L.P with sports genre and it was downloaded 44 times arround the world. This is a new game from other series which made before, that is 2014, 2015 and 2016 R.B.I Baseball 17. This game can you play if you buy it only for only 5.03 dollars.

R.B.I Baseball made with high graphic quality and it makes this game best running in smartphone which is comparable with Samsung Galaxy S5 or greater.

Feature of R.B.I Basebll 17 :

  1. Easy navigation, this game has two buttons to control the player easily
  2. Many mode like different seasons mode, game simulation mode, and other mode
  3. many team you can play and many player with different attribute You can update the player name, so you can play the baseball game with new baseball player, it's up to date.

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