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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Best Fitness and Running Apps for Android and Android Wear

Best Run and Fitness Apps For Android - Running is the best solution to burning the calories. All of our muscle are train to move and exercise when we running. Run makes our heart become stronger and we become healthiest than before. Now, many application on android helps us to measure how far we running, how much we burning the calories and history about when the last time we run.

So that help's us to make the schedule easier for the next running time or other exercises for healthier body's

That's Several Best Jogging and Fitness Apps for Android :

Runtastic Running and Fitness

Runtastic made by Runtastic with health and fitness and was downloaded more than 707.775 times around the world and this app can be the first choice for you. You can reach your fitness with this fitness apps you can calculate the distance, speed, and time only with Runtastic Running and Fitness app. You can run every route you want and this app record your history about your route.

Runtastic Running and Fitness run optimally on android wear but android phone users don't be worried because you can use it too. Runtastic has many features to makes your exercise more fun!

Feature of Runtastic

  1. Show your fitness. Runtastic can show where you running then conclude your fitness.
  2. Mentor Voice, you can run and Runtastic become your mentor in first one mil to motivate you when you exercise
  3. Record your distance when running
  4. Become the healthiest people than other people
  5. Your friend can see how long when you running, you can compete with your friends to be healthiest
  6. Your friend can see and use your route too, so you not running alone.
  7. You can play music with Runtastic apps, you more excited to exercise and become healthiest
  8. Integrated with Google Fit and MyFitnessPal so you can open that apps easily
  9. Weekly report about your fitness
  10. You can make a plan about 5 KM route or more.
  11. Video from professional fitness to fix your running techniques
  12. History about how long you running
  13. Statistics and analysis when you are running
  14. Video from professional fitness to fix your running techniques
  15. History about how long you running
  16. Statistics and analysis when you are running

Google Fit

Google Fit made by Google Inc with health and fitness genre and it was downloaded more than 219.965 times around the world and this app offers to record you sports activity every time.

Feature Of Google Fit :

  1. This app record your sports activity like walking running or cycling and you can use Google Fit  in your android phones and android wear
  2. Google fit record your speed, route, and altitude route when.
  3. This app analyze your fitness, nutrition, sleep time and your body weight
  4. you can access this app from android phone, tablet or computer with access this URL and you can access to from android wear.
  5. How many calories ware you burnt? this app show it easily

Running Distance Tracker

This application made by Fitness22 with health and fitness genre and it was downloaded more than 23.663 times around the world and you can download and use it for free. Running Tracker+ record your distance, route, the burnt calories, and more interesting features when running. this app records your running distance so accurate. This app made with the simple interface and elegant so you can use it easily. This app enabled you to play your favorite music easily when running.
Scheduled your time target. This app record history about time and distance when you running monthly

The Feature of Running Distance Tracker:

  1. Record distance when you running
  2. Record your average speed when running
  3. This app shows your GPS route
  4. Voice sometimes tell you about improvement when you are running and the voice tell you every 1 miles or every hour
  5. This app record your running achievement
  6. You can play your favorite music easily with this app
Nike+ Run Club

Sportactive GPS Running App

This app made by with health and fitness genre and it was downloaded more than 15.554 times around the world.

Features of Sportactive GPS Running App:

  1. Sport active is free app for all sports activity like walks, runs, jogging, hiking, cycling, and other activity. 
  2. You can choose 25 outdoor or indoor exercise activity
  3. Sport active going to show time, speed, heartbeat, and how much calories burnt
  4. You could saw your speed after running
  5. Sport active support many bluetooth sensors like heart beat sensor H7 for Android 4.3 or better
  6. Voice mentor to guide you when running
  7. History about your exercise activity
  8. Analyze statistics about your 

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