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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Best Batman Game For Android

Best Batman Game For Android - Hi guys, now I will show you best of the best game about batman, so you can play batman games on your android phones. Many games about batman spread on the internet but not all batman games is best for you. So now at this time, I want to review some Batman games for you.

Lego DC Mighty Micros

Made by Lego System A/s with race and action-adventure genre and this game was downloaded more than 83.636 around the world. This game made for this ages 5 to 12 years old. Race through the city and you play as your favorite DC Comics character so it is interesting for you or your children. You can lay as batman, robin, or another character.

Catch te villain with race to chase them? yes, you must race and catch them and you can feel the heroic situation when though the city. You want to play as the villian? you can do it in this game as villian and escae the city and away from super heroes.

Avoid all obstacles if you not want to catch by your enemy when race with them, collect studs to unlock many item like new character or another interesting item, stunts to help you not catched by your enemy. You can build your secret camp and build you mission (you can build your story in this game yourself). With 3D graphic and this game has one more fact, you can enjoy this game for free.

Batman: Arkham Underworld

This game made by Warner Bros International Enterprises with strategy genre and this game was downloaded more than 9.897 times around the world. Become the next criminal in your town when you playing this game Batman Arkham Underworld.

Recruit many class of criminal from DC comics to do your bad and dirty action and you can train your freeman to help you in this game. Make your full prepared for your enemy with traps, security troops, hidden traps to defend your area from another crime leader.

Features of Batman: Arkham Underworld :

  1. Command all of criminal DC Comics from Arkham Universe like Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Riddler, Harley Quinn and another fictive character to help you in this game
  2. Build your hideout place for you and your freeman troops
  3. Control all of Gotham city streets when you can defeat your enemy
  4. Fight at all story mission at gotham city
  5. Level Up make you can open interesting item to improve your skill to fight with your enemy
This game free to play but has a in app purchased item.

Batman v Superman Who Will Win

This game made BY Warner Bros. International Enteprises with Adventure genre and it was downloaded more than 91.182 times around the world

Batman v Superman Who Will Win :

  1. In this game you must race and run to aghainst time and go to the distance. Pass all of obstacles, collect power ups coins an against your enemy
  2. You can choose your character, Batman or Superman become a bat or super man hahaha if you choose batman you must race and run to defeat superman
  3. Explore the Metropolis and Gotham city when you race and fight with time
  4. You can upgrade any item to make your mission easier to defeat your enemy or power up your character

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