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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives Software

Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives Software - Internet Download Manager widely known as IDM is an application that has a function to download many files like videos and many files on the internet quicker. If IDM compared with default downloader, IDM faster when download your files because IDM make your files into many parts and download it together, after download process completed, IDM going to make all part into one files. It's why IDM more faster than another downloader software.

But IDM is paid apps, so if you not have enough money you must search and find alternative apps like IDM, so you can download your files easier but for free. Many open sources apps on the internet offers many features and professional interface and I will show you about several best apps for you to replace IDM on your computer.

Xtreme Download Manager

XDM, the interface of this download application similar like IDM, XDM fast and support many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and another operating system. My friend using this application on her Linux laptop and he enjoy this application because has many features, simple and can download fastly with similar ways to work like IDM.


This is a Free application and many features are similar like IDM. You can activate the silent mode so you can play a game when waiting for the download process and it will not disturb you while you playing a game.
Monitor every link possibly downloaded by you like clipboard, link address, possibly and many links possibly downloaded by you
  1. Monitor every link possibly downloaded by you like clipboard, link address, and many links are possibly downloaded by you
  2. Scan your files to avoid virus attack
  3. Scheduler feature, so you can schedule you download progress
  4. MD5 and SHA1 verified and checksum utility
  5. Auto categorized your downloaded files into category


DownTango has a simple interface, you can easily navigate this application easily. This application is popular downloader application after eaglet.
How to use this application
Click add buttons, input/type the names of the file that will be downloaded and type to the download link and the download process will start to begin.This app supports many popular browsers like chrome, firefox and internet explorer and you can limit the download rateo like IDM

Sometimes this app not responsive to respond any download process that happened on a browser.

Free Download Manager

This is one of free downloader application that I have tried. Free Download Manager user-friendly interface like Internet download manager and it is free and open source!

Features of Free Download Manager

You can resume your download progress if you pause it before, or something happens when you download your files like your device unable to connect to the internet or other problems

Makes your download progress faster

With same ways of working like IDM that make your file become several parts and if the download progress completed, that parts will be rolled into one file.

Multi-language support

This app support 30 languages like Macedonia, Korea, Arab, China Traditional, China, Ceko, Germany, Holand, Russia, Vietnam, Slovenia, Spain and another language.


DownThemAll is an extension for Mozilla Firefox browser that unable you to download many files at any time. You can download all links, embedded object on webpage and images. DownThemAll can download several files.

DownThemAll is Downloader for Firefox

This is an add-ons for Firefox so only Firefox users can use this app on their Firefox browser. If you installed DownThemAll on your Firefox browser you can download a link only with right click on your mouse and link will be downloaded easily

You can rename your files before you download it. Yo can download one or all element at website page. Choose and DownThemAll will be download files like pictures, audio, video, and software from web pages. Choose the download location and klik start to download all files which have selected by you before.
DownThemAll is free and yu can share it for free. But, you can help DownThemAll developer with gives a donation by PayPal.

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