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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Professional Browser for Multitasking People

Professional Browser for Multitasking People - Many browser shares on the internet, show many features, show the professionalism but not all browsers are best to use. I using many browsers to write about a review and sometimes some browser does not work properly. Sometimes I access Play Store to download and see the images of a game but not work, yeah I saw many browsers like that. So, now we knew that every people need a fast browser, and can access every site on the internet smoothly and the plus features allow us to become multitasking and many features on one product, many different social media easy to access in one browser, yeah I like that browser.

Why Browser Must Allow Us more Multitasking?

Why browser must be multitasking? you know that I access the internet not only writes some post for you, sometimes I need to talk, chat or video call with my friends or my family. If you are father with busy working time, or mother with busy working time so you must focus when still working, makes your time more effective and if you work on the internet, you can access every communication apps like Messenger and WhatsApp easily and quickly in one browser. What a professional browser!

So now I want to review about best browser software based on my experience when using all of my browsers on my computer.

Opera Browser 

Statement about opera in the past version

Statement about Foregone version of Opera Browser

Long time I do not use Opera Browser because yes we know that yesterday forgone version often not works on simple website like!

How about present statement about opera browser ?

Now, Opera is Professional Browser! I said WOW when I using this browser

I said WOW when I using this browser after long time do not use it. Hahaha I know google chrome users are amazed by my statement here. What is different?

When I look the homepage

When I look at the homepage I said to myself, this browser look like another browser. What different ? okay, about hompage is same like another browser 
Home Page of Opera Browser

How about accessing my blog ? 

so fast and quickly! better than another browser that I used before.
Yeah, all parts work properly and nothing fail to load. Interesting!
Try to Access This Blog

Chat With Facebook on sidebar ?

Yeah! chat easily quickly only click on the left sidebar!
What a nice feature, when i writes a post, work my homework online, find a information, watching videos on youtube I still can chat with my friends, my girlfriends (oops), my family and another people.
Facebook Messenger on Opera's Sidebar

Want to use WhatsApp? 

video call voice note? WOW this is WhatsApp web on your sidebar!
Watchout! a message received! hahaha I still can sending and receiving an messege from my friends or from group chat on WhatsApp. It is quicker and more simple rather than you access WhatsApp Web manually.

How About Bookmarks 

Access you bookmarks! only on your sidebar too! look at the love icon on the left side of this picture!
Simple, look like another browser, but this feature quick to acces on your sidebar

 Hot news? on your sidebar, fast to access

What's different? I can access news quickly and fastly rather than open news site manually. By the way, my computer not high end computer, but it still fastly on my computer.

History on your sidebar

Look like anothe browser, but quick to access. You can clear the history or just visit a site that you have ever visited.

How about access Google Play? 

When i try to access Google Play, Opera now is professional browser, fast and all works properly! not like another browser that many things are not working properly (even though another browser is the new version browser)

Opera more professional not like foregone version. All features suitable for multitasking people.

Okay, that is my review about simple, quick, fast and professional browser. I only blogger, when I look interesting thing, I write it. Thank You!

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