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Hundreds of unexplored best places to visit will impress you much how wonderful places with more than 5 wildly Popular Indonesian Aquariums.

best places to visit with best tourist attraction in Indonesia; Raja Ampat Island, Bali Island, Lombok Island, Toba Island, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Dieng Temple and many other places will make you stay longer to enjoy more.

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Experience The Ancient World of Java - Borobudur Temple is one of the biggest and a well-known Buddhist monument in Indonesia. It is situated on the island of Java and attracts tourists from all over the world, such as, America, German, Australia, Asian Countries and many others.
The World Biggest Buddhist Monument
A unique Buddhist temple of Asia, it is also the largest Buddhist structure on earth ...

UNESCO World Heritage Site status at 1991
A major international tourist attraction with its 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues and also detailed wall carvings

Why Visit Borobudur Temple
It is entirely unique and different from the rest of the Buddhist temples around Asia

Entry Fees to Borobudur Temple
The entry fees to Borobudur is 25 USD for non-Indonesian Adult and 15 USD for children under 6 (as of 2017)

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Best Alarm Apps For Android

Best Alarm Apps For Android – Sometimes we get trouble when we can’t wake up on time, I try many alarm song to make me wake up, but its so hard for me. Because my sleep time so short and i must wake up at six am. So i show you several alarm apps for android, than you can install and try to wake up on time!

My Alarm

This app produced by Apalon Apps to help your productivity and downloaded more than 380.000 times. My alarm, change your android phone become side clock beside of your bed, hehe. With beautiful theme, plus accurate weather information. The beautiful themes makes your android  like real digital alarm, with digital style make your bedroom so impressive.


The Feature Of My Alarm :

  1. Alarm Watch, so you can wakes up with relax music
  2. You never skip your important things with this alarm, this alarm always ringing before you wake up! 
  3. Nonstop alarm, alarm always active before you waking up from your bed
  4. Relax music, wake up slowly. But, if you can’t wake up with slow music, you must try very noise music to make you wake up
  5. Alarm app with best design
  6. Wheather information, you know that the wheather sometimes can change your schedule, so this apps help you to manage it with wheather information
  7. Slide to adjust the brightness of your android phone so you not disturbed by the screen brightness
  8. This app need internet connection for gives you accurate weather information
  9. Digital or analog? Yellow or green font collor? Choose your favorit style!
  10. Fit with every android phones. Landscape or potrait is no problem.
Produced by DelightRoom Co., Ltd and this app downloaded more than 342.000 times. Alarmy is very molest, reviewed by Cnet, Gizmodo, Huffington post, etc. Best app in 80 country, include 
german, france and south korea. 

This app, has unique method to make you wake up, the method is when your phone ringing, and you want to switch the alarm off, you must take some pictures. The pictures has been set before by you, like television pictures, table pictures, car pictures, etc.This app has more method to make you wake up, like this one, you must shake you phone to switch the alarm off. What a nice trick to make you wake up. haha and math mode,so when the alarm ringing, you must solve simple math problem.
So who cant sleep with many trick like alarmy has ? hahaha i cant sleep if this alarm ringing.

How To Set The Alarmy

Register some area at you home to take one thing picture at this area
If the alarm start ringing, you must go to the place who registred by you before. Example i take bathup picture, and when alarm ringing i must go to the bath room and take the bathup picture. What a nice idea to make you wake up!


Choose best pleace to take, like bathroom, television, table.Etc.
If you can sleep with installed Alarmy in your phone, you must re-register another place so you more disturbed by this app
Wake up with sofly sound makes you switch alarm off when you not fully wake up Now, with Alarm Clock Extreme you can wake up on time, and this app is free. Smart clock alarm, has many feature to avoid from delayed alarm and helps you to wake up on time. Join with more Fourty billion people who installed Alarm Clock Extreme and gave this app 4.5 Stars.

Download  Alarm Clock Xtreme Free with stopwatch, sleep timer and other unique feature include the AlarmClock Extreme

The Feature Of Alarm Clock Xtreme

  1. Adjust your morning alarm to increase the volume and wake you up with softly sounds
  2. Use delay button to delay your alarm, and make the 
  3. Use big delay button to delay your alarm and prevent you to tap ignore button. This feature has a important function
  4. Compel yourself to finish several math problem to delay the alarm, what a nice trick to make you wake up
  5. You can adjust the duration time of delay and adjust amount of delay times
  6. You can use your favorite song to change them into your alarm


AlarmMon, made by Malang Studio Co. Ltd and downloaded more than 155.000 times arround the world. You must wake up on time, try AlarmMon and say goodbye to late wake up time!

The Features of AlarmMon

  1. AlarmMon make 25 billion people wake up around the world
  2. AlarmMon never Switch off before you finish some game and question
  3. Alarmon always disturbing you to make you wake up from your bed room
  4. Why AlarmMon is 1st in alarm category :
  5. Its not only alarm clock, its unique alarm
  6. Very noisy alarm, softly alarm, game alarm, video alarm, voice alarm and many trick to make you wake up
I think enogh, i hope several apps above will help you to wake up on time. Thank You.

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