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Hundreds of unexplored best places to visit will impress you much how wonderful places with more than 5 wildly Popular Indonesian Aquariums.

best places to visit with best tourist attraction in Indonesia; Raja Ampat Island, Bali Island, Lombok Island, Toba Island, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Dieng Temple and many other places will make you stay longer to enjoy more.

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Experience The Ancient World of Java - Borobudur Temple is one of the biggest and a well-known Buddhist monument in Indonesia. It is situated on the island of Java and attracts tourists from all over the world, such as, America, German, Australia, Asian Countries and many others.
The World Biggest Buddhist Monument
A unique Buddhist temple of Asia, it is also the largest Buddhist structure on earth ...

UNESCO World Heritage Site status at 1991
A major international tourist attraction with its 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues and also detailed wall carvings

Why Visit Borobudur Temple
It is entirely unique and different from the rest of the Buddhist temples around Asia

Entry Fees to Borobudur Temple
The entry fees to Borobudur is 25 USD for non-Indonesian Adult and 15 USD for children under 6 (as of 2017)

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Best Android Education Game For Kids

Search a simple game for kids? i going to show you several educational game for your kids. Many free game for android andvery simple and has educational function for your kids. The educational games is like apps who teach how to drawing, write alphabet, introduce animals and other game. It's so good game for your kids.

ABC Kids

ABC Kids produced by popular developer Rv AppStudios. ABC Kids downloaded more than 18.000 times around the world. ABC Kids reviewe by 18.015 people and has 4.4 rates

Features : 

  1. Unique game which has colorful Alphabet, so your kids can learn alpabhet more easily.
  2. ABC Games suitable for 2 years old kids or more
  3. No ads, so your kids can learn alphabet comfortably
  4. Kids friendly navigation
  5. Uppercase and lowercase alphabet, so your kids can differentiate it
  6. Listen and match feature. Your kids can matching a letter or more.
In this app is no ads, ads can disturb kids when start learning alphabet. So Rvappstudios put several paid features into ABC Kids. I think it's no problem because your kids can learn without popup or other ads in ABC Kids.

Puzzle For Kids Animal

Animal Puzzle, produced by Abuzz. Animals Puzzle downloaded more than 53.000 times for 3 years old kids or more. This puzzle help your kids to learn tactics, skills to compose cow, pig, horse, rabbit, mouse, butterfly, duck, chicken and many animals. Puzzle For Kids built for toddler and pre-school for kids include autis.

Feature Of Puzzle For Kids Animals

  1. Kids Friendly interface and navigation
  2. 30 language arround the world
  3. Hundreds piece of puzzle
  4. Swipe or drag the pieces to asembling the piece of puzzle's
  5. Best graphic of the puzzle's pictures
  6. Ballon animation active after your kids finish the puzzles

Privacy Policy

iAbuzz take children privacy seriously. So:
  1. Puzzle For Kids Animals not supporting any social media and not has link to social media
  2. Not contaion in-app purchases
  3. do not collect personal data
Cooking game is good for kids,

Pizza Maker Kids

Pizza Maker Kids produced by Bubadu and downloaded 30.000 times
Make your own delecious pizza and make good experience with your pizza. You need creaticity to cook your creative pizza
You can roasting you pizza and if your pizza become brown you can put some scare of cheese into your pizza.
Taraaa. delicious pizza made by you.

Feature of Pizza Maker Kids

  1. HD Graphic
  2. Userfriendly interface
  3. you can combine everything into your pizza, it's unlimitted
  4. Animation to make, roast and eat pizza
  5. Many variation pizza, cheese, and sauce
  6. choose best ingredients for your pizza like meat, vegetables, sauce, and seasoning
  7. Screenshoot your creations and saved in galery pictures at your phone to show with your friends
  8. Puzzle game include in Pizza Maker Kids
  9. Chop your pizza like ninja

Kids Farm Game

Produced by Androbaby, and downloaded more than 365 times and for 3 years old kids or more.This is all in one farming game for kids, they will learn live stock, product, vehicles and agricultural product.

Feature Of Kids Farm Game :

  1. Matching game, brain excercise with memmory game to match some agriculture goods
  2. Practice Agriculture Product, s your kids can try to find true names of place, 
  3. Drawing game, your kids can drawing and save creation of your picture.
  4. Your kids can identify voice of animals, vehicle, like cow.
  5. Learn about farm products
  6. Matching game with levels
  7. Your kids can identify the colour
  8. Paint cow pictures with adjustable colour
I think enough. Several android games for kids above finished to explain. hehehe You can contribute to this blog with comment and fix my grammar at this article. Thank You. uses cookies to help google service, personalise ads, and more. By visiting us you agree with our Cookies & Privacy policy.