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Hundreds of unexplored best places to visit will impress you much how wonderful places with more than 5 wildly Popular Indonesian Aquariums.

best places to visit with best tourist attraction in Indonesia; Raja Ampat Island, Bali Island, Lombok Island, Toba Island, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Dieng Temple and many other places will make you stay longer to enjoy more.

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Experience The Ancient World of Java - Borobudur Temple is one of the biggest and a well-known Buddhist monument in Indonesia. It is situated on the island of Java and attracts tourists from all over the world, such as, America, German, Australia, Asian Countries and many others.
The World Biggest Buddhist Monument
A unique Buddhist temple of Asia, it is also the largest Buddhist structure on earth ...

UNESCO World Heritage Site status at 1991
A major international tourist attraction with its 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues and also detailed wall carvings

Why Visit Borobudur Temple
It is entirely unique and different from the rest of the Buddhist temples around Asia

Entry Fees to Borobudur Temple
The entry fees to Borobudur is 25 USD for non-Indonesian Adult and 15 USD for children under 6 (as of 2017)

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Best Fishing Game for Android

Best Fishing Game for Android - Many fishing games for android who can play in online or offline mode and many fishing game has many feature. Fishing is not only skill but passion to catch best fish ever haha.

Ace Fishing Wild Catch

built by Com2uS USA with sports genre and downloaded more than 1.296.336 times around the world. Join and play this game with 3D sensation. Newbie can play this game easily, only touch your android phone screen. You can catch many fish in many best location.

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Extreme Sport Fishing: 3D Game

This game made by Ten Square Games: Sport Hunting and Fishing Games and it was downloaded 11.332
This game can play 12 years old or more. Let's fishing and join to the most popular sports in this world and you can play it on your android phone. You can play in every tournament and you can play with your friends too to catch many fish in many interesting location. This is simulation game about fishing.

      Every professional fisher knew that the sensation when catch the fish. this game has many feature with :
      1. Realistic location in USA like Florida, Alaska, Alabama and many fish with different species and it has two category, ordinary or scarce fish. 3D Graphic with interesting interface
      2. Album to save your best fish when you catched it
      3. upgrade many item to get more extraordinary fish
      4. You can compete with everyone in online

      Fishing Mania 3D

      This game made by Candy Mobile with sports genre and downloaded more than 157.265 times around the world. This game must be played 16 years old or more.
      Catch many species of fish with this simulation game Fishing Mania. Fishing Mania offers realistic fishing sensation to help you to catch the virtual fish only at your android phone. Many locations, many acessories to help you catch extraordinary fish.

      Features of Fishing Mania :

      1. More than 10 beautiful 3D locations around the world
      2. Many missions can you play, more than 50 missions
      3. More than 90 Combinations of fishing tackles you can choose when you catch your fish
      4. Many fish species can you catch and you can fill it too int the aquarium

      Big Sport Fishing 3D Lite

      This fishing game made by Tapinator, Inc with sports genre and it was downloaded more than 77.683 times around the world

      Enjoy the landscape and 3D graphic when play this game, you can catch many fish in different location and this game is free, so youcan share this app with your friends and play it everytime. You can get many item in this app uses cookies to help google service, personalise ads, and more. By visiting us you agree with our Cookies & Privacy policy.