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Hundreds of unexplored best places to visit will impress you much how wonderful places with more than 5 wildly Popular Indonesian Aquariums.

best places to visit with best tourist attraction in Indonesia; Raja Ampat Island, Bali Island, Lombok Island, Toba Island, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Dieng Temple and many other places will make you stay longer to enjoy more.

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Experience The Ancient World of Java - Borobudur Temple is one of the biggest and a well-known Buddhist monument in Indonesia. It is situated on the island of Java and attracts tourists from all over the world, such as, America, German, Australia, Asian Countries and many others.
The World Biggest Buddhist Monument
A unique Buddhist temple of Asia, it is also the largest Buddhist structure on earth ...

UNESCO World Heritage Site status at 1991
A major international tourist attraction with its 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues and also detailed wall carvings

Why Visit Borobudur Temple
It is entirely unique and different from the rest of the Buddhist temples around Asia

Entry Fees to Borobudur Temple
The entry fees to Borobudur is 25 USD for non-Indonesian Adult and 15 USD for children under 6 (as of 2017)

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tips and Trick How to Stay Safe Online

Tips How to Stay Safe Online - Now, internet is a part of our lifestyle, we interaction with other with facebook, twitter, youtube and many social media and sometimes we must work only with the internet like sign up or registration in the school or university and send our homework to our teacher, communication to our parents with video call and everything. The Internet has a two face, bad and good face. The bad face is when criminal watching us on the internet, how? the only hacker know how to do that, but the internet always more safe and more private for us and make criminal break the system of the internet like SSL on the e-commerce web, antivirus online and everything. The good face of the internet is we can do many good things on the internet like share news, communication to other, work, study, search about information that needed, and everything. Read my review about how to stay safe when on the internet below:

Be careful, Many Scam Information on The Internet

We know that everyone can make a viral news, no matter it is right or false information. Many propaganda show on the internet like videos, photos, words and everything like terrorism issue,  unchecked news. You must be careful when comments about something, check that news is right or only fake news 

Never share a news without reading it before and check that news is real news or only fake news. Be careful when you share news about ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations because people can get angry and trigger a war or bad conflict! If you respect to everyone, everyone will respect to you.

Be careful, think before click a link! 

Link bring us to an address on the internet, but don't click every links on the internet without knowing who share that link. Never click a link about pornography, never click a link from your received email without knowing who was sent that email, Never input your private information in untrusted site on the internet.

Many Similar Sites, to Catch your information!

Many sites mimic a trusted site. Example is Facebook, many fake sites mimic facebook interface display to catch private information like your password and email. It's only Facebook account, How about your bank information? credit card? think before doing stupid thing's on the internet

Simple Safety step when shopping on the internet

Before shopping on the internet, you must check at the e-commerce/online shop address and make sure that on your favorite online shop site address has "https" before the site address. Example and never shop on a site that not has https or SSL.

The second way to check your website has an SSL or not 

check the address bar and make sure that there show a green padlock to the left of the site address. 

Function of SSL (Secured Socket Layer)

The function of SSL is to encrypt your connection to the website, so if you use a debit card or credit card while shopping online,  you stay safe and no one watching you on the internet.

Use a uncrackable password but easy to remember!

Everyone has a unique password, like birthday, phone number, unique number, combination words. My first password on the internet is very long, but I forget my password! so you must choose your best and uncrackable password but easy to remember.

Example: Qwerty123 (my favorite first password) or John4america and everything, remember your password or write it on your private note.\

Regularly backup your data (IMPORTANT! best way to avoid ransomware)

Backup your data is the best way to keep your files stay safe. Yesterday we knew that ransomware attack many computers around the world and it has disadvantages.many people.

Suggestion for you before backup your files:

Keep your files into DVD and keep it in a good place and take care your DVD, but if something happens with your DVD like scratched (if you not take care your dvd)

So how to keep your files more safely? 

Use trusted cloud storage. We can use Google Drive for free and if you need more features like more space or anything, you can upgrade to Google Suite (Google Drive for Bussiness).

Keep your company files in one place with more secure and easier for you. You can access it anywhere and anytime without bringing hardware like hard disk anymore, you only need an internet connection and you can access your files easier and safer.

Protect your network by password

If you have a wifi connectivity or tethring, protect your conectivity with password so spyware or hacker not watching your activity via wifi connection to catch your private information.

Install Firewall

If you are always online on local network or internet network, you must more be careful. Make sure that your network is private network and if you not sure about that, I suggest to you to install firewall. to defense everyone who want thief your files.You only need one firewall in your computer and your files more safer and avoid hacker to watching your files

Simple Way to Stay Safe

Always up to date, if you using Microsoft Windows operating system, always update your Windows OS regulary. Why? because Microsoft always fix many bug and they release an update for Windows users so update your operating system regulary.

Update your Anti Virus

Update your antivirus too, many free antivirus but professional antivirus like AVG, I used many antivirus besides AVG, but no one professional like AVG. Another antivirus sometimes make troubles like password my computer without my permission, make my computer more slowly, purchase antivirus to fix virus problem. That is makes me uncomfortable because I not have much money to buy that antivirus, but AVG is different, I can use it for FREE, and AVG Free can used to scan, fix and defense many virus attack. If you buy premium AVG, it is very cheap antivirus with many features like tune up PC, safe surfing online, anti spyware, firewall, Protect your business against ransomware  and another best features for you.

Be careful! "flattery email" targeting you!

Never open email like "Claim Your Inheritance!" it is hoax email, never click that email. That spoofery email like that contains many link could bringing you to endanger site like phising and another dangerous site.

These is simple way to avoid things dangerous for you. Many criminal in real world, many internet users and can be criminal using internet to targeting you. Be careful! uses cookies to help google service, personalise ads, and more. By visiting us you agree with our Cookies & Privacy policy.