Best Tourist Attractions in Bontang and Things to Do in Bontang - Taman Nasional Kutai or Kutai National Park is Tropical Rain Forest in Kalimantan Timur province with Area 1,986 km2. This park located in 3 Kabupaten Kutai Timur, Kabupaten Kartanegara, and Kota Bontang. This Park has 2 favorites resort for tourists and researcher, Sangkima resort and Prevab Resort. Sangkima resort located on KM 38 Bontang-Sangatta Street. and Preven resort located in near of Swarga bara village, Complex KPC, Sangatta, Kutai Timur. And now I only want to share information about Sangkima resort only.


Learn Your Route

Sangkima located on Poros Bontang and sanggata street KM 37-40. Before entering the area of national park, you must know and learn the route of the national park.

This area is popular and crowd by many peoples because easy to access this area. This park popular because of the biodiversity and vegetation, they make this park become popular for local and international tourists. Many trees like Kayu Ulin Trees and many species of wild animals like Orang Utan Morio, Owa-Owa, Monyet Ekor Panjang, Beruk, and many species of birds.

What you can enjoy in Kutai National Park

You can enjoy the natural landscape, trees, flora, and fauna. You also can enjoy the outbound because this Park designed to become an outbond area with boardwalk.

How about Guide?

Kutai Sangkima National Park provides guide to guide you for exploring that area on foot or you can explore that park with a boat.


The visitor can feel outbound atmosphere when entering a bridge made from Kayu besi. This bridge makes your adrenalin appear because of the width of the wooden board only 0.5 meters. This bridge only enters by 5 men only.


Old Trees

The first kilometer you can leisurely stroll on the boardwalk and enter some bridge under the old trees. there is hundreds of years old tree and thousands years old tree.You can read about tree information on information board  ditched on the trees


Kayu Ulin Tree

Kayu Ulin or Eusideroxylon zwageri is typical tree from Kalimantan (Borneo)
One of the oldest and popular Kayu Ulin tree in Sangkima has diameter 2,47 meters and height 25 meters. This is the mascot of Kutai Sangkima National Park.

Kayu Ulin is flagship species in Kutai National Park. In generally, Height of Kayu Ulin 20 to 30 meters with diameters 60 to 120 centimeters. But in the good habitat like in Kutai Sangkima National Pa the k, height of this tree can reach diameters into 2.47 meters.

Ulin Tree widely known with some different name like Borneo ironwood (inggris) Borneo Eisenholz (germany) Bois de Fer (France), Tambulian (Filipina), Belian (Malaysia)

After finish exploring this park you can turn back and walk on the boardwalk to go to the entrance before.

How about another way to go to enterance gate?

You can walk on the footpath between dense forest. You can cross the bridge made from a fallen tree. climb the hills, to go to the hill peak. You will hear the sound of bird and sound of another animal on the top of the hill. You can rest for a while on the shelter which built for the visitor.
You can take photos and videos when you exploring this forest, and on the hill peak, you can take beatiful pictures about green tropical trees around that hill.  After that, you can go to the next pos, named Sangkima pos. You can use clean water, take a rest, Mushola (for sholat) and a canteen to buy a snack and mineral water. If you want to stay in this forest, in this Sangkima pos you can rent a guest house to stay overnight.