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Saturday, 3 February 2018

5 Reason Why You Should Use Linux

Linux has a big market in advanced computation like supercomputer or server because it has better security and customizable than other operating systems. In the other hand, for a desktop computer, Linux has low popularity than Windows or Mac.
5 Reason Why You Should Use Linux
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In many free Linux distribution (Distro), it doesn’t have support for help you if you have a problem, unlike windows or mac, that has customer service available in 24 hours. But, don’t worry, you can join with many Linux distros forum for asking something, learn new thing, read any documentation, etc.

Why should you switch to Linux?

There are 5 reasons why you should make Linux as your default operating system. I write it based on my experience. I’ve used it since I was junior high school.

1. It’s totally free

It’s totally free
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Yes, it’s free. But, it doesn’t mean Linux offer a bad thing. Linux is built by communities because it is opensource. everyone freely edits or redistributing for commercial. The difference between Windows or Mac operating system which is produced by the company, so they need extra cost for paying the worker.

2. More secure

More secure
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Everyone agrees if Linux more secure, something that makes it more securely is Linux limit access for a user. If you have logged in to your computer, you are a general user. To access system files you must get Root access. The difference from windows which freely access system files because of you an Administrator. And many other make Linux more secure, I will write it next time.

3. Based on community

Based on community
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For my personal reason, this is the main advantage of opensource software, you will never feel alone. You can join with the opensource forum and ask the question if you have a problem. Not only join with your distro community but also other. For example, if you are using Ubuntu, you can join in Linux Mint, or Debian as long as there are the family distro.

4. Customizable

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Yeah, it’s open source. It means everyone can read and edit source code and redistribution it. It’s also possible to make a computer for a specific purpose. Do you want the light operating system? server? it’s possible with Linux. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the programming language, you can try Arch Linux for build what you need. it’s like you build your own house.

5. Many variant distributions (Distro)

Many variant distributions (Distro)
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So many Linux distribution with different bundle application and purpose. For education, government or a game like Steam OS. With many distributions, you have a lot of choices to find comfortable distro.


With big communities, secure and free operating system, Linux suitable for you who want a great operating system for network, database, big data computing, for the specific purpose like library operating system, server, etc. It doesn’t mean Linux is perfect, every operating system has advantages and disadvantages. This article was written to tell plus point of Linux. Absolutely, Linux also has minus point, like Gaming, Design.

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