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Monday, 22 October 2018

Bali - The Island of God on Earth

Bali Island - God Island on Earth

A History of Popular BaliBali becomes the most popular place in the world as one of the best places to visit, called "God island on earth". Many people say that Bali is a paradise for all people. Kuta beach one of them. Kuta beach is a big harbor and trading center in Bali. Bali is also named God Island (id:Pulau Dewata), A Thousand Temple Island dan Bali Dwipa. There are many small island nearby, Nusa Penida lake, Lembongan lake, Ceningan lake, Serangan lake, Menjangan lake.

The capital city of Bali is Denpasar - It's in the south of Bali Island. Around 19s, people knew that Bali is a country or state, not an island in a state. Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia. To spoil the visitors (tourists from overseas), Indonesia government facilitates Bali into international facilities and accomodations.

Bali: A Historical Facts of Island of God

Bali international travel journey began in the early 20th century. At that time, Bali was discovered by Cornellis de Houtman on his way around the world in search of spices.

Cornellis de Houtman sailed from Java to the east and saw an island - called the island of Bali today. Then Cornellis de Houtman landed on the island of Bali in the hope that they could find spices. However, he did not find spices and found a society with a unique culture and had never found in other places he visited around the world before.

Bali is very beautiful and then Cornellis de Houtman reported that he had discovered the island of Bali to the Dutch King at the time

Around 1920, European tourists began to come to Bali. This happened because the Dutch merchant ship, Koninklijke Paketcart Maatsckapy, sought spices to Indonesia and also to get passengers while looking for spices to Indonesia. They introduced Bali in Europe as the Island of God.

The Arrival of European Artists to Bali

A. Literary Artist

  1. Dr Gregor Kraus adalah German sailed to Bali in 1921.
    He is tasked with making writings and photos about the life of the people of Bali Island. The book about Bali by Dr. Gregor Krause then spread throughout the world. 
  2. Many authors perpetuated Bali on their books:
    1. Miguel Covarrubias, The Island Of Bali - 1930
    2. Mrs Menc (bali's name: Ni Ketut Tantri), Revolt In Paradise
    3. Reolof Goris, Prasasti Bali - 1928
    4. Lovis Conperus, Easwords

B. Painting Artist

  1. R. Bonet established "Ratna Warta" Museum.
  2. Walter Spies with Tjokorde established a foundation Pita Maha and wrote Dance dan Drama in Bali - 1925
  3. Arie Smith formed young artist,
  4. Le Mayeur, Belgian - married to Bali girl and lived in Sanur island in 1930. He then opened Le Mayeur in Bali. Mario Blanco - a painter, married to Bali girl and lived in Ubud.
  5. There are many others painters, artists and participant who wrote and lived in bali from overseas. 

How to welcome the arrival of foreign tourists at that time?

In 1930 a hotel was first established in Bali, namely Bali Hotel, located in the capital city of Bali Province, Denpasar and the construction of a building located in the tourist area of ​​Kintamani.

Bali gets popular

Legong Peliatan concerted in Europe and America in 1932 which made a lot of dance art from Bali shown abroad. As a result, Bali got more famous and got a lot of nicknames for its beauty.

What all people named:

  1. The Island of Gods
  2. The Island of Paradise
  3. The Last Paradise on Earth
  4. The Island of Thousand Temples

The Impact of Second War of Bali

Bali tourism was halted due to the outbreak of World War 1 and 2 and continued Indonesian independence. Then Bali tourism rose in 1956, and in 1963 Bali Beach hotel was established which now changed its name to Grand Bali Beach and was inaugurated in 1966.

Hotel Bali Beach

The uniqueness of Hotel Bali Beach is the only hotel in Bali that is more than 15 meters high.

Bali Beach Hotel was built with the cost of Japanese war spoils. There was one more uniqueness at the Bali Beach Hotel. It's when a fire struck the hotel in 1993, room number 327 did not burn at all.

The Opening of Ngurah Rai Airport

To make it easier for tourists to land directly in Bali, in 1969 exactly 3 years after the Bali Beach Hotel was inaugurated, the Ngurah Rai Airport was inaugurated. Ngurah Rai Airport is an international port. uses cookies to help google service, personalise ads, and more. By visiting us you agree with our Cookies & Privacy policy.