The Best Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo For Your Heavenly Holiday

Gorontalo might be one of the youngest provinces in Indonesia. Before being an independent province in 2000, it was once the part of North Sulawesi.

The geographic status can change, but one thing that won't change in Gorontalo: its natural beauty, that comes from the glare of the sea. That is why it is not difficult to list the best tourist spots in Gorontalo.

If you want to get an unforgettable holiday experience, Gorontalo is a right destination for you. You will find many things that you have never seen before. Ready to have a new adventure? Here are the best that Gorontalo will serve you at its best:

1. Torosiaje village

Located about 270 km from Gorontalo City, Torosiaje will offer you an experience of how it feels to share your life with the sea. There is a mutual relationship between Suku Bajo, people who live in Torosiaje, and the sea.

Bajo People live in the floating houses, made from wood. It is so simple, yet you can't underestimate its solid structure. They live above the sea and work on boats, catching the fishes for a living, and also preserve the sea. No wonder people call them sea-gypsy. You will be in love not only with a glimpse of the blue sea but also with the hospitality of Bajo People. They will welcome you very well, and you are going to feel like home.

2. The Whale Shark Tourism Spot

White shark considered as a giant fish and belongs to the shark species. However, it is so friendly to human and won't harm you.

If you want to experience how marvelous it is to befriend with the whale shark, you can go to Batubarani Village. The Whale Shark Tourism located 20 km from Gorontalo, it is a heaven that is easy to reach.

The beautiful blue ocean will welcome you, and once you swim there, you will meet those humongous whale sharks. If you are a newbie in snorkeling or are afraid of something happen to you, you can be accompanied by the professional guide. Yet, remember not to spoil anything there, or harm this gorgeous creature.

3. Olele Marine Park

Do you believe in heaven? Believe it or not, Gorontalo will give you proof that heaven really exists, lies beneath its ocean. It is known as Olele Marine Park.

The water is sparkling blue, and once you go down, you will see the ocean park full of exquisite fishes, coral reefs, and also dolphin. You can rent the snorkeling equipment at an affordable price there, or if you don't want to dive under the sea, there is also a wooded boat provided. So, you can still enjoy the ambiance of the beach while seeing the beauty of the underwater park from above.

You can reach Olele from Gorontalo within 21 minutes by car since it is only 20 km from Gorontalo City.

4. Leato White Beach

Sometimes you just want to escape from the crowds and get a sanctuary to contemplate anything. To understand yourself better. There is a place that will give you that privilege: Leato White Beach.

It is easy to reach Leato from Gorontalo City since the distance from Gorontalo City is only about 12 km. Leato offers you the scene of a quiet, marvelous beach covered with white sands. Hear the wave splashes when the wind blows and find the solitude that you will never have in a big, busy city.

It is quite safe to bring your children or your little nephews to Leato, since the wave is not too big, and the beach is rather clean.

5. Tomini Bay

You can not express your feeling in one simple sentence once you fall in love. You need other sacred sentences, but you can not find it. It is the same feeling that you will have when you see Tomini Bay.

The water is a liquid version of emerald and diamond. From above, you can clearly see the ornamental fish and other exotic creatures. Thanks to its location, in the right side of the equator, the species of fish and other creatures are so various. So colorful, like an amusement park full of joy. That is the reason why many divers call Tomini Bay the most beautiful diving place.

You can visit this best tourist spot in Gorontalo only by driving about 45 minutes from the center of Gorontalo City.

6. Layang Hill

Enough with vitamin sea? Then we can go back to the city.

The crowd of the city is something you want to avoid on holiday, but how if actually, it also offers you a beauty to enjoy? You can see how beautiful a modern city is, by enjoying its view from Layang Hill.

Some people might find it exhausting to reach the hill. However, once you have reached the top, you will get ultimate satisfaction by seeing the beautiful scenery of the city. In the night, the city seems like turn into a constellation. Not too much if we said that Layang Hill is the best tourist spot in Gorontalo City for those who want other tourism objects beside the sea.


Gorontalo is one of the embodiments of paradise in the world. The purity of its nature will make you feel like you want to stay there forever. However, remember to always keep those tourist spots clean and never damage anything there, so, that natural beauty will remain forever.