Best Tourists Attractions Raja Ampat Island
Raja Ampat is one of popular tourist attractions in Indonesia and in international. As in bali island, all best tourist attractions always have many visitors that comes from many countries around the world --- only to enjoy the natural beauty of Raja Ampat. Not only one time, they comes to Raja Ampat more than once!

What to See in Tourist Attraction Raja Ampat Island

Raja Ampat is an island. We would explore and expose the eccentric and exotic places we could find in that island. Diarynesia presents to you

First, Wayag Islands

Wayag Islands (pulau wajag) located in Desa Waegeo Barat, Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Papua Barat. You can go to this spot from Sorong City to go to Wayag Island. There, you can see several small islands, that small island is coral which overgrown with trees. When you explore Wayag Islands with small boat between the coral islands you will fascinate with beautiful landscape there. Blue sea water with a green combination from trees color from the coral island will make you say wow!

You can see many fish swim in the wild sea, near the coral reefs. The clear sea water make us can see fish, coral and everything underwater more beautifully from water surface. Raja Ampat still natural no trash and no pollution like urban areas. Wayag Island is the favorite spot for local tourist and international tourist.

Second, Misool Islands

Misool Island is the one from 4 big islands in Raja Ampat. Misool Islands bordered with Seram sea and the oceans. You can enjoy this spot with more privacy and more quit because this is Uninhabited islands.

The exotic of Misool Island

From the west to the east you can see many beautiful coral islands. The underwater beuty you can enjoy with snoorkling or diving, and you can feel the beauty from surface water because the water is very clear, you can see many fish and corals from surface water. White sand with tropical trees and mangroves make you want to take a selfie photo or photograph many spot in this island.

Third, Stingray of Pari-Manta Fish

What a unique name of this place! This is the place for Stingray to take a bath. Stingray cleanses his body with help from smaller fish which clean stingray body. Stingfish can waste more than 1 hours only to clean his body. And you can see this unique phenomenon, you can take a selfie picture underwater or only on surface water watch stingray take a bath haha.

The wide of stingray body can reach to 5 meters. WOW, you can be snorkeling and watch big sting fish above your head!

What does Pari Manta looks like? More sighseeing

Before you diving, you must link your body to hard collar while watching sting fish phenomenon. You need a guide to dive to watch that fish without make them scare and go away

Forth, Salawati Island

Many World War 2 relics like P40 Plane, war ship, and another war machine shipwrecked in seabed of Selawati ocean. Relics of World War 2 now become nice tourist spot, they become a home of many species of fish, coral reef, and another species. Tourist can take a picture of this world war 2 relics. The water of this ocean is very clear and so natural make you enjoy this place.

This views will explode your mind

Enjoy yourselves in Salawati Island

Fifth, Bantata Island

Bantata Island has 2 attraction sot, in Desa Marandanwser and Desa Waiweser. Bantata Island has beautiful natural landscape. Bantata Island has forest which home of Cendrawasih Bird. You can enjoy beach of Bantata Island or diving and snoorkeling to watch big coral reef and many colorful fish.

Bantata Island has a waterfall, named Air Terjun Bantata (Bantata Waterfall). This waterfall is so unique looks like a curtain from water and stones hahaha. In this waterfall has a small cave behind the waterfall.

Have a nice holiday!