Best Maps and Navigation Apps For Android - Now, i want to share about several best maps for android. We know that sometimes can't find anyone to show us the true way to our destination. Many digital maps for android  spread around the internet. But, not all maps app is best when we use it. So this is several best maps for android.

Google Maps

Who don't know about Google Maps? Google maps installed or it was default app in android. If you going to go somewhere but you don't know about the route, you can open google maps and find your destination easily.

Features Of Google Maps :

  1. Google maps show the transportation traffic, detail review about place and show you the busy time  on realtime
  2. You can get to your destination quickly
  3. Avoid the traffic jam with navigation and traffic conditon on realtime
  4. Save your time and google maps show the transportation info on realtime
  5. Auto re-route, so you can save your time if something happen with your first route
  6. Navigation and guide about the route so you not passed the three-way junction or intersection road
  7. Find special place along the road like gas station and coffee shopFind extraordinary place like local people without stray, haha.
  8. Find the local restaurant and any most preferred local business where ever you are
  9. find best place, reviewed with many people visited that place and picture of food and interior of that place. 
  10. You can make a plan before you visiting a place. you can choose where you want to eat like the menu, where you want to rest, and know when that place so busy
  11. You can help everyone to find the best place to share you review about a place that was you visited
  12. Save or bookmark the place you want visit and someday you can find it easily in computer or any device.
  13. Offline maps, so you can acces maps everytime without internet connection
That's very interesting app, so we can access any route and visit every where without stray. 

Google Street View

Google Street View built by Google Inc. and downloaded more than 2000.000 times arround the world.

Features Of Google Street View :

  1. You can explore many interesting location like restaurant, museum and extraordinary spot with Google Street View
  2. You can make your own panorama to add your street view experience with your own cellular camera or 360 camera and publish your photo to Google Maps for share your panorama to everyone arround the world
  3. Explore or get notification about special google collection
  4. Explore all of street view photos, include contribution by other people
  5. Review your public profil for panorama published by you
  6. Manage your own panorama pictures
Very great app made by CritterMap Software LLC and downloaded by more than 5.881 times arround the world. This app is offline map, so you can acces that app without internet connection. That app can gives you USA and another country map.

Feature Of BackCountry Navigator :

  1. You can enter your coordinates and using longitude/latitude, UTM, MGRS, or grid reference. Using GOTO makes a waypoint a locus for navigation. 
  2. This app use many source of the map for public to use it for frree. Some content is premium, so you must buy it if you want use it
  3. Peta Accuterra Topo onlu 19.99 dollars per year
  4. Lake Contours for several country
  5. GMU boundaries in several country
  6. ATV MAP, whitewater and equestrain trail maps include the app
  7. And if you not sure to buy this app, you can use DEMO version to make you sure and use this maps app in your country
  8. TOPO is topographic maps, so this map is useful for offroad navigation. You canuse TOPO or GPS for hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, hunting and backpacker.
  9. And the more extraordinary features is you can create your own maps with mobile atlas creator so you can use it anymore
  10. You can buy BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS only 17 Dollars
That's several best map and navigation for your android phone. So I think enough and follow my blog for more update of android games. Thank You.

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