Best Travel Apps For Android - Travel is become trending in these several years, everyone know that travel is very fun and now you can manage your travel, booking hotel, booking taxi, information about restaurant, and many interesting place only with your android phone. Many discount so you can get more cheap tariff and it save your money.

Google Trips

This app made by Google Inc with Travel and local genre and it was downloaded more than 16.739 times around the world. Google Trips make you can exploring the world easily, this app show many place in online and offline too. You can get suggestion about interesting travel activity. You can make a plan, booking your trip from Gmail.

Features of Google Trips

  1. You can get information about rental cost of flight, hotel, car, restaurant and many interesting information
  2. You can find your trend, this app show many information and map based on your time and readability
  3. This app show you must do about what like several ideas and many things that organized in category and it can help you to waste your time effectively
  4. Offline acces, no internet is no problem, this app support offline mode, so you can access your information easily


This app made by TripAdvisor with trip and local genre and it was downloaded more than 1.028.804 times around the world. Billions review, photos,, and tourist maps from TripAdvisor. Plan and enjoy your trip with more than 225 billions review and tourist opinion about restaurant and interesting place. This app support many language too so you can operate this app easily

Trip advisor find cheap airplane ticket, best hotel and restaurant, and every interesting things you can do. You can order it with one touch


this is a Travel Organizer to make your travel more easier and effective. TripIt manage every your plans only with forward travel confirmation emails to and TripIt will create schedule about your trips. Now you can access your trip plans everywhere for free. The New York Times, Frobes and CNET Inc recomended this app TripIt

Feature of TripIt :

  1. After booking, confirmation to and tripit will make your trip schedule quickly
  2. You can choose and allow Tripit to import trip plan from gmail, google apps, or Yahoo Mail.
  3. Access your trip plan from your android or computer everywhere and every time
  4. Sync Tripit with your calander so your trip plans apear in the side of any meetings and events
  5. Easy to share your plans to your friends or everyone you want

This app made by with trip and local genre, this app was downloaded more than 4..931 times around the world.

Features of :

  1. You can enjoy the perfect eat, play and stay for you when you trip with
  2. help you with many information about weather, location and interesting spot like restaurant and hotel
  3. Get recomendation about where you dinner, lunch, coffe, dessert based on your time
  4. Get interesting idea based the weather
  5. Find local interesting spot to trip in new city
  6. You can explore more than 60.000 spot around the world
  7. Read review from member about many place in
  8. Share your experience with picture in
  9. Join and you can participate in leaderboards


This app made by Airbnb, Inc with Travel and local genre and this app was downloaded more than 15.627 times around the world. Airbnb make you can search and booking all acomodation around the world on your android phone like one night apartment, villa, castle for one week and you will be connected to everyone to share many review about interesting place, spot, food and more. You can choose price option with any things that you want to booking it.

Features of Airbnb :

  1. Find out unique property from more than 19.000 city and from 192 country around the world
  2. Only one click you can find your place to stay overnight quickly
  3. Get trip schedule and direction quickly
  4. You can share your place into Airbnb member easily, only take a picture of your place and upload it into airbnb site
  5. Monitor check in and check out time of your guest in your place easily