Arowana is a small tribe of primitive freshwater fish. We would find many types of arowana spreads all countries. Although classified as a predator, Arowana is yet a very popular fish. It is because Arowana has very attractive colors and shapes.

Unfortunately, the existence of these fish in nature is said to be jeopardized. However, Arowana trade is still legally permitted even though the protection status has entered Appendix I. That is, the Arowana may be traded only from captive breeding. So, here are the most popular types of Arowana in the world and their prices.


Super Red Arowana

These fish come from West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Kapuas River and Lake Sentarum are known as the original habitat of the Super Red. This type of Arowana is grouped into 4 varieties, namely Blood Red, Chili Red, Orange Red, and Golden Red. Super Red refers more to Chili Red and Blood Red.

Meanwhile, the last two varieties are more often regarded as Super Red with lower grades. This type of Arowana can be priced at least $1,500 or $2,000. However, for Super Red with a length of 15cm, the price could even reach $20,000.

Cross Back Golden Arowana

Cross Back Golden Arowana is part of the golden Arowana variety. This variety is often found in Malaysia, especially in Terengganu, Perak, Danau Bukit Merah, and Johor. Therefore, according to their place of origin, they are often given nicknames, such as Pahang golden, Bukit Merah blue or Malaysian gold.

This variety is relatively more expensive and even higher than other types because it's rarely found. Also, this type of Arowana is divided into several classes based on the basic color of scales, namely purple-based, blue-based, gold-based, and silver-based. The price of this fish is certainly very high because it's quite difficult to find on the market. So, the price is usually range from $550.

Green Arowana

Green Arowana is a type of Arowana originating from Asia. Also known as Golden Pino Arowana, they can be found in some countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This fish has a unique color, looks like a mixture of yellow, gold, and green. Green Arowana can grow up to 90cm long. Besides having a unique color, this Arowana has a head that is slightly larger than other Asian Arowana types. The Golden Pino is sold around $220.

Platinum Arowana

Surely, Platinum Arowana is the prettiest Arowana and probably the most expensive fish in the world. Platinum Arowana has a stunning and shiny body like platinum. If you look closely, this fish body has such a smooth texture. With a very beautiful appearance, do not be surprised if Platinum Arowana valued very expensive, even the price could be more than $ 400,000.

Silver Arowana

This type comes from South America. The good news is that the price of Silver Arowana is pretty affordable when compared to other varieties. This fish character appears from its body shape and its long fin with a silver color throughout the body. The size of an adult fish can reach 1 meter. Silver Arowana are usually valued from $40 for a small one.

Arowana Fish Cultivation

Cultivating Arowana is not easy. You must pay attention to the maintenance area, which can be either a pond or a fairly large aquarium. Well, here are several ways to cultivate Arowana easily and correctly. Reforming captivity. For the cultivation in large quantities, you should use a large and rocky pond because of these fish like rocky habitats.

Maintain pH of water. The water in the pond or aquarium must always be clear and try to keep the water flowing. Thus, you have to make a filter for your pond or aquarium. You also have to keep pH level in the water, which is 6 or 7, not more or less because it is not good for Arowana.

Noting the water temperature. Keep the temperature stable between 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. This fish likes light, so you have to light up the aquarium or pond if the location is closed or blocked by the sun. However, don't be mistaken, Arowana also cannot live in direct sunlight. So, these fish only need enough light that is not too dark or bright.

Feeding the fish. The food must be composite pellets containing 32% protein and a variety of live feed in the form of goldfish, shrimp or crab meat. It's given every day with a size of about 2 percent of the fish body weight and divided into 2 times feeding in the morning and evening.

Arowana Mating Process

Mature sex fish are around 4 years old with a body length of about 45-60 cm. Mating season usually occurs in July and December. When Arowana has found a partner, they often swim together with the head and tail attached. When the fish carry out the mating process, the female will lay the eggs. The male Arowana will eat the eggs to fertilize it until becomes a fish larva. After about 2 months, the male fish will remove the fish larvae.