Best Tourist Attractions Spot in Karanganyar - Karanganyar is the best place to visit because many spots are only in Karanganyar like Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, Candi Sukuh, Candi Cetho, and another extraordinary spot to visit. Karanyanyar popular because agriculture developer, Karangayar develop decorative plants, crops like yam/tuber.

I buy yam Cilembu in the traditional market of Karanganyar (Pasar Tawangmangu) when visiting Karanganyar because yam Cilembu and Purple Yam is very cheap, delicious but makes me full, only Rp.10.000 (less than $1) we can bring a lot of yam to my house, I often steaming it or chop it into small dice or small stick, then fry it, then when it cooked, pour salt evenly or another seasoning like Balado and tomato sauce. Yummy, what a healthy snack.

Karanganyar's weather suitable for fruits plants, crops, and agriculture plants. Not like another tourist spot, Karanganyar is the best farming place. Farmers plant strawberry, yaw, cassava, carrots because the soil is very fertile. Karanganyar has Clement Weather because Karanganyar located on the hillside of Mount Lawu, and that make us comfortable when go to Karanganyar.

Grojogan Sewu

I have visited this place when 9 years old. Grojogan Sewu is very iconic in Karanganyar. Location of Grojogan Sewu on Kalisoro, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar. Grojogan Sewu crowded by young and old people from anywhere, local or international tourists. At the entrance of Grojogan Sewu, many local communities offer to every kid a horse to ride around the area. Entrance ticket to Grojogan Sewu is very cheap, we can enter to Grojogan Sewu only $1.5.

When I arrived there (before the entrance gate), I saw many local monkeys (more tiny than human), you must be careful if you bring a bag, food or snack because the monkey can steal your luggage.

Many trees around the Grojogan Sewu area, it makes the landscape so natural. When you enter the entrance gate, you must walk down the 1.250 stairs, haha Tawangmangu waterfall make us impatient, so don't be hurried when down the stairs because the landscape of the forest is very naturally and beautifully

When I have visited Grojogan Sewu (near the waterfall), I saw photographer man, he offers me to photographed by him with cheap fee.

Candi Cetho

Candi Cetho or in english Cetho Temple is Hindu temple located on Dusun Ceto, Desa Gumeng, Kecamatan Jenawi, Kabupaten Karanganyar. (Town Ceto, Gumeng Village, Subdistrict Jenawi, Karanganyar Regency)

This temple is a relic of Majapahit Kingdom. In the Cetho area, There has petilasan or remains of the past of Ki Ageng Krincingwesi who is ancestors of Ceto Town. Candi Cetho has unique monuments/statue-like Kalacakra. The shape of Kalacakra is like male genitalia. The unique statue and the landscape of Candi Cetho is made this Temple so natural and the best landscape is very nice to be photographed.

Candi Sukuh

Sukuh temple place near of Cetho Temple. This temple so unique like Cetho Temple. Location of Candi Sukuh is in Desa Berjo, Kecamatan Ngargoyoso, Kabupaten Karanganyar (Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency). Candi Sukuh and Candi Cetho has erotic symbols like male genital (in Candi Cetho) and another symbol. That symbols have to mean of fertility and in front of the Sukuh Temple placed big Turtle statue.

The Shape of Sukuh Temple is like Chichén Itzá temple in Mexico

The unique fact, the shape of the Candi Sukuh is not like another temple in Indonesia, however, this temple shape is like Chichén Itzá temple. Chichén Itzá is a temple relic from Maya People (Mayans). Chichén Itzá locate in Yucatan Mexico.

Perkebunan Teh Kemuning

Kemuning's Tea Plantation is a popular spot for Sragen, Solo and another place near the Karanganyar. Many tourists take a picture with a tea plantation background and share it on social media. You can walk around the tea plantation and sometimes take a nice picture and you can enjoy the comfortable weather. In Desa Segoro Gunung, Kemuning, Karanganyar (Segoro Gunung Village, Kemuning District, Karanganyar Regency) is the best location for people who have Paragliding hobbies.

The location of Kemuning's Tea Plantation is near to Candi Cetho, Candi Sukuh and Jumog Waterfall.

Jumog waterfall

This is a new tourism spot. Jumog waterfall offering you with a natural landscape full of trees and beautiful landscape. Jumog has a comfortable climate and with clement air for us. Jumog Waterfall smaller than Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, but the beauty of this place is the same as Grojogan Sewu, haha. If you want to see Grojogan Sewu, you must down 1.250 stairs, and different with Jumog Waterfall, you down a few stairs to view the Jumog Waterfall.

Camping Lawu Resort and Sekipan

The location of this resort is near of Grojogan Sewu. This place often used for camping by students. But, on holidays many tourism visits to enjoy the forest and the scenery. Location of Camping Lawu Resort and Sekipan Camp is on Kalisoro Village, Tawangmangu District, Karanganyar Regency.

Peak of Lawu Mount

We can climb to go to Peak of Lawu Mount. You must climb this mount with a mentor whoever climb this mount, many risks if you climb this mount yourself. You can start the climb the Lawu Mount from Cemoro Sewu Pos (first post) to the last post (Cemoro Kandang) before finish climb until Peak of Mount Lawu.