Best Tourist Spots in Komodo National Park

Best Tourist Spots in Komodo National Park - Many local tourists and international tourists come to Komodo Islands to visit Komodo National Park. Komodo has an interesting and popular destination to visit. Komodo National Park consists of many islands and one of them is Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island. Now I will show you several interesting destination spots in Komodo National Park.

What is Komodo?

Komodo is native animals of Komodo Island. Komodo is a predator and carnivore. Komodo only live in Loh Buaya in Rinca Island. And Rinca Island is a part of Komodo National Park.

Many extraordinary places in Komodo National Park, like the Pink Beach. WOW, pink beach? yes, this is real Pink Beach. Read my words below and you can share this interesting place to others.

Loh Buaya

Loh Buaya is a home of many Komodo in Rinca Island. To access to this place, you can ride a boat from Labuan Bajo to Rinca Islands only 2 hours.

You need a guide to explore this wild attraction spot, very dangerous if you explore this place without a guide, remember that Komodo Dragon is predator!. There, you can see wild Komodo from a close distance. You can climb one of the hills in Rinca Island and take some photos or just enjoy the beautiful landscape there.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach or in Bahasa Indonesia is Pantai Merah Jambu popular spot in Komodo National Park. What different with another beach in Indonesia? haha, extraordinary beach because the sand has a pink color, what unique sand! The pink color comes from pink coral around the Komodo Island and the wave makes the small particles of pink coral mixed with sand and become Pink Sand.

Gili Laba

Laba Islands (Gili Laba Islands) You can climb hills of the Gili Laba, and when you arrived on a hilltop you can watch the beautiful landscape. Gili Laba Sea has beautiful color, a combination of dark blue and green.

This island has hills and offering a wonderful view from hilltop but you can be snorkeling and watch coral reefs and you can feel the best tropical paradise in this world. Gili Laba Island located near to Komodo National Park, but don't worry about Komodo Predators because this Island is not the habitat of Komodo.

Why tourists trekking the hills?

Tourists have a reason because on the hilltop is a good place to view the landscape and take a photo, and take a beautiful selfie. But be careful when climbing the hill because the wind can be harsh and to avoid an incident, don't stand at the peak too long!

Pulau Kelor

What an exotic Island! Kelor Island is a favorite spot for snorkeling. The underwater interesting landscape makes us want to take many photos of fish, coral reefs, and anything. This snorkeling spot has more than 260 types of coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish.

Kampung Wisata Komodo

In Attraction Village Komodo you can watch daily activity of Komodo Island native peoples. This village named Komodo Village and Inhabited by more than 1,700 people. Peoples of this village make a handmade dragon statue.

I think enough about best tourist places to visit in Komodo National Park. You can give me feedback like comment and share this post to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thank You.