Best Tourist Destinations in Tegal

Tegal is name of "Kabupaten" in Jawa Tengah Province. Tegal populary known because Warteg (Warung Tegal/Tegal Food Shop) and when I search many information about this city, I found many interesting place to visit. Nature tourist destinations in Tegal has beautiful landscape and the tourist attractions stay natural and clean.

Pemandian Air Panas Guci

Pemandian Air Panas Guci is one of popular nature spot in Tegal. This touris attraction located in Dukuh Pekandengan, Desa Rembul, Kecamatan Bojong Tegal. In this place you can enjoy hot water from nature hot water springs, you can see 25 different springs with different temperature.

Natural hot water bath trusted by local people can cure various diseases. This natural hot water bath has more adventages because located on foot of mountain. Fresh air with hot water makes you can relax enjoy the warm water too long.

Pantai Purwahamba Indah

Purwahamba Indah Beach located in Kabupaten Tegal. This beach has many facilites like Swimming pool, waterboom, water bicycle, mini train, gazebo, cafe and another interesting facilities.

Tirta Waduk Cacaban

Waduk Cacaban estabilished since 1952 and started by Presiden Soekarno with add first stone before construction started. Waduk Cacaban or Cacaban reservoir has main function for irigation. Water used by many farmers near the reservoir.

And now that reservoir become tourist attraction with more facilites like campground, playground for kids, Warung Apung (Cafe above the water), Entertainment stage and more.

Agro Wisata Loco Antik

Antique locomotive can you ride to explore Sugar factory and see how sugar be made. This factory is Holland colonial heritage.

Curug Cantel Bumijawa

Curug Cantel Bumijawa is waterfal, that waterfal has height 60 meters. This spot so natural and not become popular yet, but this is the plus factor, because more quiet and you can enjoy this tourist destination more comfortable.

Curug Putri

This waterfall more shorter than Curug Cantel. This waterfall only 25 meters. Curug Putri located between Kabupaten Tegal and Brebes and this spot easy to access and never deserted by visitors.

Kompleks Pantai Alam Indah

Alam Indah Beach Complexs is the popular beach in Tegal City. This destination locate in strategic in Tegal City, Jawa Tengah. Brown sand, many facilities like waterboom, Bahari Monument and Boat Attraction you can enjoy in this place. The specific location of Kompleks Pantai Alam Indah is Sangir Street, Mintaragen, Tegal Timur, Tegal.

Gerbang Mas Bahari Waterpark

Many kinds of playground in this place, and you can enter this place only Rp.15.000 and sometimes Rp.25.000 (2 Dollars) only. You can enjoy swimming pool, wave pool, wet futsal, kidddy pool and another kinds of playground. This destination located near of Tegal Bus Station (Terminal Kota Tegal)

Telaga Air Cempaka

This is natural water spring in Tegal. Located in Desa Cempaka, Kecamatan Bumijawa, Kabupaten Tegal. You can enjoy fresh air, with trees around this lake. Total area of this lake is only 15 square meter. But, this spring can used by local peoples for farm irigation and for daily activity.

(NEW) Family tourist attraction in Tegal City

Rita Park. in this place you can try to enjoy many interesting spot like Bom-bom Car, Cinema 5D, Flying Tiger, Cricus Travel, Frog Jump, Kiddie Ride and another kinds of playground. Rita Park located in Kolonel Sugiono Street, No. 155, Tegal.

Taman Rakyat Slawi Ayu

Slawi Ayu Peoples Park is a park which used by tourist to relax and hangout. This is new Place in Tegal and estabilished in 2013. Taman Rakyat Slawi located in front of Bus Station Slawi (Terminal Bus Slawi). This park fond used by local peoples for social activitty, performing arts, sports and another activity.

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