Recharge Yourself with These Best Tourist Attractions in Bangka Belitung - Bangka Belitung has been a favorite holiday place in Sumatra for its exquisite scenery, pristine waters, as well as the granite beaches. Those are some reasons why this tin-mining island is prepared to become one of UNESCO Geopark. UNESCO Geopark is a geographical area that is conserved and managed with a holistic concept and sustainable development.

If you have to watch Indonesian's movie 'Rainbow Troops' (Laskar Pelangi) you will know how fascinating Bangka Belitung is and how easy it is to find best tourist spot in Bangka Belitung. Wondering if you want to escape from your busy and tiring day, here are the best tourist attractions in Bangka Belitung that will recharge your happiness and makes you find yourself during the holiday.

Batu Berlayar Island

There is a reason behind this name: those humongous granites rocks on the shores that seem like sailing on the greeny-blue water (sailing rocks=batu berlayar). Many people use this place as the spot to take a photo of its unique and iconic view. Not only sitting and taking photos, but you can also do snorkeling on the beach of Batu Berlayar and see the ornamental fish and marvelous coral reefs. This is actually a sea that many professional divers are dreamed of.

Bangka Botanical Garden

Trees will always be human's best friends. It is not exaggerated since human gives carbon dioxide for the photosynthetic process and in return, trees give us oxygen. If you love to be surrounded by a bunch of leafy trees, then go to Bangka Botanical Garden will be a good option for you. This place provides you not only fresh air and ambiance but also the experience of running an agribusiness and animal husbandry, an organic way. You will get the basic lesson and can practice both of those activities so that you will understand the process of healthy foods production.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Located between Tanjung Kalam and Tanjung Pendam, Tanjung Tinggi Beach offers you a beach with its blue-green gradation water and grand granite rocks. Some of those rocks are multiple times higher than us.

This place will give you ultimate tranquility, and you will fall in love over and over again with all those natural beauties. However, since this place is quite remarkable (as Rainbow Troops or Laskar Pelangi movie took place there), you can avoid the peak season if you don't want to deal with crowds. This place is located about 37 km from Tanjung Padang, the capital city of Belitung. You can go there with the land vehicle for about less than 1 hour.

Another best tourist spot in Bangka Belitung is Menumbing Mountain. Located on the northwest side of Bangka Island, this mountain was a place where First Indonesia President and Vice President Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta was isolated by the Netherlands in 1948. Thus, it can be said that Menumbing is not only interesting for its wonderful scenery and cool air but also the historical value. This is the best tourist spot in Bangka Belitung for history lovers. You can still see the house where President Soekarno and Vice President Mohammad Hatta stayed during that hard time.

The weather is quite cold there, so, you can wear a jacket and scarf so that you will feel better and not get sick in there.

Pasir Padi Beach

If you want to have a holiday in a more crowded beach, with many facilities to eat, than Pasir Padi Beach is a good destination for you. Other beaches can offer you the blue, azure water and quiet ambiance, but sometimes you just want to meet other people and feed your tummy with various foods, and Pasir Padi Beach will give you that ambiance

In Pasir Padi Beach, you can find many small restaurants that offer you the delicious taste of seafood. However, not only the culinary, but you can also enjoy the beautiful corals along the beach. No wonder this beach is visited by more than 5000 people every single day, for its beautiful scenery, gorgeous corals, and also the foods. It Is also located in strategic place, just about 8 km from the center of Pangkalpinang.

Parai Tenggiri Beach

Wanting more and more vitamin sea? Visit Parai Tenggiri Beach. Located in Sinar Baru village, Sungalliat, 40 km from Pangkalpinang, it is a fascinating beach that will give you an ultimate calmness. Hear the wave splashes and enjoy other granites rocks in there.

You can climb that granite rocks and see the beauty of North Natuna Sea. But if you are too bored for only sitting on the edge of the beach, you can consider doing other activities, such as parasailing and banana boat. This the best tourist spot in Bangka Belitung if you have a holiday with your mates or family.

Every time you visit Bangka Belitung, you will be fall in love with all the natural beauty of this island. You might find yourself to be calmer, wiser person who appreciate the nature since you have your holiday near the natural sites. Having a holiday in Bangka Belitung also can recharge your mind and energy, so when you are going back home, you will have more spirit to do your daily activities.