The Best Tourist Attractions in Flores to Enjoy on Sunny Holiday

Flores, an escape from a crowded life and to be more attached to wild nature. It is located not too far from Bali. However, the tourism spot there is quite different from Bali. We can say that if you are looking for an exotic holiday, you can choose Flores. If you want to feel the natural beaches and want to make your skin tanner, Flores is a heaven in the world for you.

Are you ready for an adventurous holiday under the shiny sun in Flores? Don’t forget to put some magnificent place on your holiday list. So, what gorgeous places that you have to visit once you come to Flores? Here they are:

Komodo Island

You haven't gone to Flores if you don’t visit the Komodo Island, an island well-known for the terrifying and wonderful living dragon in the world, Komodo. But, it is not only that unique creature that you can enjoy, but also the beach.

If Bali is too crowded for you, and you want a quiet place to enjoy the white sand and the azure water, then this is a place that you are looking for. Enjoy a piece of Bali, but of course minus the crowd, and also the shinier sun.

In Komodo Island, you can also visit Manta Point. It offers a unique snorkeling experience, where you can do snorkeling and touching the rays. Quite terrifying, but also unforgettable.

To get into Komodo Island, you can take a boat from Labuan Bajo for around 2 hours. So easy to reach, that is why it is considered as the best tourist spot in Flores and is highly recommended to visit for the first time you come to Flores.

Liang Bua Cave

This is a prominent and important cave for the archeologist. Located in Ruteng, Manggarai, this was the karst cave where the skeleton hobbit people of Flores (Homo floresiensis) was found. Inside the cave, there are also many stalactite and stalagmite.

That is why visiting this site will boost up your knowledge as well. In front of the cave, there is also a museum where you can find much information about this cave and the life of the hobbit people.

For you who want a place to sit and enjoy the ambiance around you, Liang Bua may not be a suitable place for you due to its moist air. However, If you go to Flores with your children or little nephew, going to Liang Bua Cave can be a good decision for you. Because they can learn many things there that will enrich their knowledge.

Kelimutu Mountain and Lake

A good indulgence for your eyes, in the middle of Kelimutu Mountain, there is a magic lake that reflects three colors. Sometimes the color of this lake is light-blue. Sometimes it reflects the red color. In other time, it reflects white color.

People in Kelimutu believes that those various colors are influenced by the spirits of dead people. When the lake goes blue, it means that there are many spirits of the young dead people in there. When it goes red, then it is the time for those bad-people spirits. And when it goes white, there are many spirits of people who die in the old age.

Believe it or not, there are some traditions that people in Kelimutu do to respect those spirits. If you are lucky, you can go there while seeing the people do that exotic tradition.

Wae Rebo

Get in touch with the local Flores people in Wae Rebo. Actually, the journey to reach Wae Rebo is quite challenging and difficult. You have to hike for around 10 km before finally arriving the village. However, it is worth trying.

The Manggarai Tribe, who lives in Wae Rebo, is very kind to people and very warm. Once you arrive there, you will be welcomed with traditional dance and also music. You will feel that all the tiredness is gone after seeing them. If you really love learning about the new culture, Wae Rebo will be the best tourist spot in Flores for you.

Padar Island

The ultimate beauty of Flores can be seen in Padar Island. Climb the hill in Padar Island, and you can see other islands in Flores, as well as the blue seas and beaches. The air is so fresh that it can release all your stress and bring you a very good mood. For recharging your energy and mind, Padar Island is the best tourist spot in Flores.

You can also enjoy the beautiful and perfect sunrise and sunset on Padar Island. And if you decide to walk down the hill, you will find another amazing thing: the beach with black, white, and pink sands. Now you know how it feels in paradise.


Flores is a good place for you to start befriend with nature. Its exotic animals, beautiful scenery combines with shiny sunshine, leavy trees, wonderful beaches, and also the very welcomed people will make you understand why we have to preserve with nature: it will make us a better human-being with less stress and more peace.