9 Best Tourist Attractions in Kalimantan Timur Leaving You Speechless

Some of you might think that Kalimantan Timur or East Borneo is a province with the far-reaching lush tapestry loaded with the stunning wilderness and inhabited by the groups of orangutans. However, the east side of Borneo Island has more to offer. Simply learn more about these 9 best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Timur.

1. Kakaban Island (Jellyfish Lake)

The first spot that highlights all is nothing else but the Kakaban Island. Sitting gracefully in the islands of Derawan off the eastern shore of the mainland, this gem gravely brings your Indonesian trip to the upper level. How does it come? This place lets its jellyfish lake be the glare of publicity. Swimming over the swaying translucent creature is such a stupefying experience. It takes a 2.5-hour boat trip from Tanjung Redeb to Tanjung Batu (the starting point to the paradise).

2. Danau Labuan Cermin

The clear aquamarine water, pristine hideout, and evergreen surroundings are the best description of Danau Labuan Cermin. What makes this destination out-of-this-world is the characteristic of the water – the top section of the lake is fresh while the bottom tends to be salty. Apart from plunging into the lake, you can interact with the seawater and freshwater fishes. To be here, you need to have a 5-hour drive from Tanjung Redeb. Hit this place to see more.

3. Beras Basah Island

7.5 kilometers away from Bontang, it lies a beautiful island named Beras Basah Island. The islet in the side of Makassar Strait, for sure, deserves a visit. Famous for its underwater beauty, this tourist destination is often crowded by the avid divers from all over the country. If diving is not your thing, taking pleasure in the golden sundown at the beach is such a high preference you can't skip out. To reach there, there is nothing you can't do other than going by speedboat.

4. Bukit Bangkirai

If you are a family traveler, dropping by Bukit Bangkirai is nothing yet perfect. This destination gives you an ample chance to dive into the charm of the tropical jungle. Feel the crisp, fresh air while taking a stroll on the hanging bridge and enjoy the sound of chirping birds. Besides, don’t forget to observe the 150-year-old bangkirai tree. Situated 57 kilometers away from Balikpapan, this site is accessible by car. The daily opening hours are from 07:30 am to 5 pm.

5. Kutai National Park

One out of the best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Timur allowing you to see the rare endemic animals is undoubtedly the Kutai National Park. Located in Kaba Bay, home of hundred plants and mammals can be accessed by a 2.5-hour drive from the nearest city – Bontang. Once you get here, never leave out your valuable chance of coming face to face with the long-nose monkeys and orangutan as well. Within spitting distance of it, it sits a lovely spot to escape known as Lombok Bay.

6. Mulawarman Museum

Unless museum hopping is not your thing, the great recommendation to do is paying a visit to Mulawarman Museum. The public eye is where to enjoy an exciting array of historical collections such as statues, antiques, weapons, and many others. Come in September to have a go with another attraction called Erau ceremony. It lets the locals elegantly do the traditional dance. It takes a 45-minute drive from Samarinda to reach here. It daily opens from 08:30 am to 4 pm.

7. Pampang Cultural Village

Is your soul something related to culture? It’s time to swing by Pampang Cultural Village. Just in the north of Samarinda City, this place is located 20 kilometers away from the capital of Kalimantan Timur. This calm village is populated by a unique tribe that refers to Dayak Kenyah. When you see in Sunday, you will be welcomed by a set of dancing performances by the locals in the Lamin house. The opening time is 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

8. Derawan Island

The impeccable getaway that East Borneo has to offer is unquestionably Derawan Island. Not only does this spot come with the incredible underwater life filled with many schools of tropical fishes and colorful corals but also the gem provides chic beaches with golden sand. The crystal-clear watercolored in turquoise adds the elegance of Derawan Island. From Tanjung Batu, you will enjoy the 30-minute trip by speedboat.

9. Manggar Segarasari Beach

If your must-thing-to-do consideration is hitting the beach, then Manggar Segarasari is such a great alternative. This sandy site, 22 kilometers away from Balikpapan, is characterized by a calm wave and sprawling stretch of golden sand – that’s why you should include it in your list. The activities you could do are sunbathing and playing volleyball. For sure, it is open for 24 hours.

In shorts, those best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Timur must be your final stops to enjoy your leave of absence. Book your flight now and travel to East Borneo!