These 5 Things Will Be At the 2019 Manado Bunaken Charm Festival

Who does not know the beauty and beauty of Bunaken's underwater park? Located in the bay of Manado, Bunaken's underwater park is also known as the Bunaken Sea National Park which includes Manado Tua Island, Siladen Island, Mantehage Island, and Nain Island. Here, you can see various kinds of marine life ranging from soft corals, oysters, sharks, to manta rays.

Do you plan to visit Bunaken? Wait a minute! Before deciding on your departure date, you should know that Bunaken has a festival that will soon be held and should not be missed just like that. Yes, the 2019 Bunaken Enchantment Festival. At the Bunaken Enchantment Festival, you will be spoiled by the beauty of the underwater panorama to various cultural festivals.

To go to Bunaken, there are many flights to choose from. Immediately order tickets now and enjoy the excitement and beauty of the Bunaken Enchantment Festival which of course only exists once a year.

With the Bunaken Enchantment Festival, conservation must emerge, where the elements are protection and utilization. E series of events will be able to preserve culture and nature in Bunaken. This must continue to be done and maintained. The impact on cultural preservation, taking examples from the dances presented at the opening ceremony. The dance regeneration will make culture eternal in Indonesia. What things can you do during the 2019 Bunaken Enchantment Festival? Check out the following review:

Explore the Beauty of the Marine Park

Bunaken is a paradise for marine biota. It feels incomplete when visiting the Bunaken Enchantment Festival without exploring its underwater beauty. There are around eight diving spots in the Bunaken marine park, including Timor Bunaken, Mandolin, Church Face, Barracuda Peak, and Ship Ruins in Manado, Siladen, Tanjung Kopi, and Tembok Lekuan. You can visit one or several to get a memorable experience under the sea of Bunaken.

Witness a Variety of Competitions

There are various series of Bunaken Enchantment Festival that you should not miss, including various kinds of competitions held. These competitions include, traditionally decorated colorful boat competitions, fishing competitions, beach volleyball games, rowing competitions, to modern dance and contemporary competitions.

Took Part in an Underwater Photography Competition

For those of you, who love underwater photography, don't miss this competition. The underwater landscape photo competition is also open to tourists.

Enjoy Culinary Delights

One thing that will be highlighted during the Bunaken Enchantment Festival is a variety of culinary specialties that you must taste. Not only that, but this festival will also hold a spicy seafood barbecue party. So, seafood lovers can satisfy culinary desires here.

Watching Art and Music Concerts

The Bunaken Enchantment Festival is even more interesting because visitors are presented with entertainment that features traditional music, such as kolintang, market, and traditional dance performances.

With the title of Bunaken Enchantment Festival, of course, this festival can increase tourist visits, both local and foreign. The purpose of the Bunaken Enchantment Festival is to preserve nature and cultural arts on Bunaken Island. The Bunaken Enchantment Festival is also part of the Wonderful Indonesia Calendar of Events. Enliven by ornamental boat racing activities, cultural carnival competitions, kolintang competitions, maengket competitions, new dance creations, and other interesting events.

An exhibition of regional superior products will also be held on the same date in Manado Town Square. The exhibition featured a variety of superior products from various regions in Indonesia, such as fashion products, batik, embroidery, weaving, crafts, accessories, jewelry, processed food and beverages, agricultural commodities, plantations, marine, fisheries, and tourism information of the archipelago. For you who love culinary, there you can taste delicious dishes from Manado, such as Chicken Woku Belanga, Porridge Tinutuan, Chicken Rica-Rica, and Cakalang Fufu. Specifically for tourists who will travel to Manado by airplane, the road to Bunaken Island from the airport is not so far away.

You only need to be able to get to the port or dock in Manado to continue the journey by boat to Bunaken Island. Tourists in small numbers ie one or two people are advised to depart from the Kuala Jengki pier. If you are at Sam Ratulangi Airport, then you can take public transportation to Pal 2 Terminal. After that, you can connect public transport to market 45. After that, you only need to walk for about 15 minutes to get to the Kuala Jengki pier. The trip to the Bunaken Island tour if taken from Kuala Jengki was not far away. Only 45 minutes, you will immediately get to one of the diving paradises in the world.

Tourists only need to take a boat or commonly called a taxi by residents. The fare is not expensive, around IDR. 30. 000 for one way to Bunaken Island. Nevertheless, passengers must be patient. The reason is, this ship will run, after being fully loaded. Meanwhile, if you do not want to bother, then travel through tourist agents can be enjoyed by tourists. Many agents have now appeared through the online system.

Arriving on the island of Bunaken, if through a travel agent, no need to bother. Because, all the facilities have been provided, both for lodging, eating, to games for snorkeling or diving. If you are a backpacker, of course, you should find a place to stop and more. There are quite a lot of types of lodging places on Bunaken Island. Start from home residents, homestays to resorts. Each offers different sensations and facilities.

Resident's house, for example, you do not need to pay expensively. Simply ask permission from the homeowner, and you can share the cost of cooking for food per day. For backpackers, you can rent snorkeling gear at a fairly cheap price of IDR 100,000 (10USD) per day. If you want to rent diving, the rental equipment owners have their price range. I have special tips especially for those of you who want to visit Bunaken Island; this famous place is crowded from May to August.

Meanwhile, from December to January, the water in the high tides, so tourists are advised to visit in the months outside the dense tourist season and during high tides. Remember, cleanliness must be maintained, for the local government also continues to boost access, amenities, and attractions that are getting better and professional on Bunaken Island. Certainly, after reading this article, you can't wait to book plane tickets to the Bunaken Enchantment Festival, right? What are you waiting for? Order airplane tickets to Bunaken from now on so you don't run out.