Where to Learn the Traditional ‘Silat’ in Indonesia

Travel to Indonesia always becomes my favorite trip because this island is so diverse. What I mean here is that Indonesia is blessed with the wide-area which as each own uniqueness and beauty. There are many things to explore started from its beautiful nature, foods, culture, local people, tradition, and many more again. Today, I am more than interested to explain about Silat or Pencak Silat, a traditional martial art from Indonesia.

Pencak Silat is not only a common martial art; it is also a heritage from the Indonesian’s ancestor and culture. In addition, Pencak Silat is also becoming one of the most interesting tourist attractions to see in this tropical country. I could inform that the age of Silat itself is maybe older than the age of Indonesia it after independence and it enriches the culture owned by Indonesia. Silat is quite famous among the Indonesia people and that is why; I can easily find any places to learn silat in every city. Here are some which are the most popular and respected by the local people.

1. Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate

This organization was created in 1922 in Madiun, East Java. Every year the Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate always gets a lot of new members and they are not only from Indonesia, but also from the different countries. A lot of foreigners travel there to learn more about Silat and its procedure. To become a new member of this organization, a participant needs to pass the difficult training process until he is considered valid to be a member of the Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate organization.

The good thing is that this organization has made tons of achievements. One of those is the Students’ Activities Unit or UKM of Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate (PSHT) Airlangga University (UNAIR) where it is an international level award or achievement. The young silat athletes were able to grab one gold, one silver medal, and two bronze medals in The 3rd Sebelas Maret SH Terate International Championship.

The Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate is now having branch offices in a lot of cities in Indonesia. However, the main office of this organization is in Madiun. This organization has several branches or offices that can be visited such as in Surabaya, Bojonegoro, and many more again. You can join PSHT training everywhere in Indonesia from Papua to Sumatra, in every village, in every school or everywhere you go in Indonesia you will found Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate

2. Persinas Asad

This organization is a must-visited traditional martial organization when you travel to Jakarta. Persinas Asad has an aim to collect all potential skills and hopes of the people for keeping the Indonesian tradition and culture. The motto of this organization is ‘Pencak Silat is my Life’, so that it always tries to promote Pencak Silat, especially among the young people where Pencak Silat or traditional martial art should be used for the good or positive things. Persinas Asad is located in Jakarta Pusat. The Management of this martial art organization is located in “Jalan Cikaso Selatan No. 11 A Bandung 40121”. You can join Persinas Asad training in LDII Mosque everywhere in Indonesia

3. Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah

Maybe, you have been heard this organization because it is quite popular. Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah was built on 31st of July, 1963 in Kauman, Yogyakarta. It becomes one of the best tourist attractions in Yogyakarta until now. The interesting thing is that Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah is not only a martial art organization but also as a place to have a strong connection and relationship with the members of this organization. In 1964, Tapak Suci was accepted as an autonomy organization of Muhammadiyah. Furthermore, this organization had already gotten several achievements and one of them was becoming the winner of Piala Wali Kota Surabaya in 2014. They also became the main winner by collecting 6 gold, 6 silvers, and 6 bronze. That was cool and showed that this organization has great quality and concept. The Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah is located in “Jalan Kates Raya No. 44, Tembok Banjaran, Adiwerna, Banjaran, Tembok Banjaran, Kecamatan Adiwerna, Tegal, Jawa Tengah (Central Java) 52194”. You can join Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah training in every Muhammadiyah mosque and school in Indonesia

4. Perisai Diri

This traditional martial art was built in Surabaya on the 2nd of July, 1955. One of the main characteristics of this organization is that there are 156 martial art branches which are divided based on the movement characteristic. The members of Perisai Diri Organization are a lot. They come from Indonesia and even from other countries. One of the best achievements of this organization was becoming the winner in Brawijaya Open Cup 2016 which was held in sports building of Samantha on 28 September up to 2 October 2016. The Perisai Diri Organization is located in “Jalan Tenggilis Lama IV no. 54 Tenggilis Mejoyo, Kecamatan Tenggilis Mejoyo, Surabaya, Jawa Timur (East Java), 60292”.

5. Merpati Putih

Merpati Putih means white dove in English. This organization was developed from the traditional Javanese Tradition since 1550. I could say that it is the oldest Pencak silat organization in Indonesia based on several pieces of literature. That is why; Merpati Putih has a lot of members who come from Indonesia or from the other countries in the world. The merpati putih organization is known for its martial art concept of ‘Beladiri Tangan Kosong (Betako)” or the bare hand martial art. One of the achievements got by this organization was becoming the general champion of Martial Art Championship in Yogyakarta – Central Java 2016.

Merpati Putih has several branches or offices and one of them is located in Yogyakarta. The location of this organization’s office is in “Jalan Kaliurang Km. 9,8 no 67 Kabupaten Sleman, 55582”

6. Phashadja Mataram

This organization made by K.R.T Soetardjonegoro on 20th of October 1950 in Yogyakarta. The main office of this organization is in Jalan Gayam Mangkukusuman and the unique thing is that Phashadja Mataram only accepts the adult male participants for becoming the member. It is because they will be given the education to be a leader for himself, family, and society. In addition, the aim of education on this organization is to stay away from any negative minds and for sure to master any techniques in Indonesian traditional martial art of Pencak Silat.

Those are the traditional martial art organization in Indonesia which are so popular until now.