Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Buton, Southeast Sulawesi

If you are still looking for places to visit on your next vacation, then you should really consider going to these beautiful tourist attractions in Buton. Buton is a very gorgeous island that is located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is considered as one of the many beautiful native islands that Indonesia has. Buton is actually an island that is famous for its asphalt production. It is an island with the largest asphalt production in Indonesia. Aside from being famous for its asphalt production, Buton is actually an island that is filled with various amazing tourist attractions that you can visit. There are a lot of breathtaking views on this island that is perfect for your next Instagram post. Here are some of the beautiful tourist attractions that you can visit if you ever decide to go to Buton on your next vacation.

Nirwana Beach

Nirwana beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that you can go to have fun with your family and friends in Buton. Nirwana is actually a word that means heaven, which is exactly where you are going to feel like when you are enjoying the beautiful white sand under your toes. You can travel to this beach by using a car from the city of Baubau. You will arrive at Nirwana beach after about 15 minutes from Baubau. After that, all you need to do is to enjoy the view and ambiance that this gorgeous beach has. This beach is quite long, around 4 kilometers. You can take pictures with the beautiful white sand and ocean view. The wave on this beach is quite calm and there are only a few coral reefs so it will be pretty safe for you to swim on this beach.

Palatiga Hill

If you are looking for something other than beaches, Buton also has hills for you to visit. One of the most famous hills in this island is Palatiga hill. This hill is quite known for its exotic scenery that everyone will definitely appreciate. After you reach the top of this hill, you will be able to see a lot of decorative lamp posts that add to the exotic ambiance of this hill. But the best part about going to Palatiga hill is the breathtaking ocean view that you are going to be able to enjoy with your loved ones.

Lakasa Cave

You can never say that you have visited Buton if you have not visited its famous exotic caves. Lakasa cave is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Buton that you can have a look around. The location of this cave is quite remote and hidden. That is why this place is still very natural because it is far from civilization. After you reach this cave, you will not regret the effort of getting there because this cave has a lot to offer. There are stalactites and stalagmites in the caves that you can observe. You can also swim in this cave because there is crystal-clear water that is 120 meters deep. Lakasa cave is located 9 kilometers away from Baubau. This cave is definitely a place you must visit if you ever go to Buton.

Samparona Waterfall

Samparona waterfall is a tourist attraction in Buton that has a very magnificent view. This waterfall is a natural waterfall that you can visit. It is definitely unique compared to other waterfalls that you might have seen. In order to get to the Samparona waterfall, you need to go through rice fields and plantations that the locals own, which also have a beautiful view. Samparona waterfall is 13 kilometers away from Baubau.

Buton Palace

Besides having amazing natural tourist attractions, Buton island also has historical tourist attractions that you can visit. One of those historical tourist attractions is Buton Palace. This palace is a heritage of the Buton Kingdom that once thrived in this island. If you are interested in learning about the history of Buton Kingdom and how it got to be how it is now, this is definitely a place for you. The beautiful architecture of this palace is also something that you can view and appreciate. This palace is huge, circling around 2,740 meters long and has 12 gates. There are also 16 canons that are placed in this palace which are called Balura. Buton Palace is truly a place that will give you chills.

Kuba Baubau Mosque

Another building that you can visit in Buton is Kuba Baubau Mosque. You might think that this is an ordinary mosque, but it actually is not. This mosque does not even look like your typical mosque. It is built like a common house and is the oldest mosque in Baubau. It was built in 1826 under the reign of Sultan Muhammad Idrus Kaimuddin. There is also a cemetery around this mosque where Sultan Muhammad Idrus Kaimuddin is buried.

Tirtarimba Waterfall

If you want to visit another waterfall in Buton, you can go to the Tirtarimba waterfall. Just like Samparona waterfall, Tirtarimba waterfall offers you a very beautiful natural scenery. Even though this waterfall is not very high, it actually has quite a unique appearance, unlike any other waterfall. The shape of this waterfall actually resembles the shape of an umbrella. That is why this waterfall becomes quite an interesting tourist attraction. You can go to this waterfall by traveling 6 kilometers from Baubau.

Final Thoughts

Going on a vacation can be such an exciting thing. However, looking for places to go can be difficult. If you are looking for a change of scenery from your busy city life, you should definitely consider going to Buton. There are a lot of amazing tourist attractions that you can find in Buton. From beautiful white beaches such as Nirwana beach to hills such as Palatiga hill to waterfalls and historical tourist attractions, this island really has it all. You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery and educational tourist attractions with your family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? The beautiful tourist attractions in Buton awaits.