The Best Tourist Attractions You Must Visit at Wakatobi

Have you ever visited Southeast Sulawesi Province? If you have ever visited Southeast Sulawesi, surely you are no stranger to Wakatobi Tourist Attraction. Wakatobi is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit when you go to Southeast Sulawesi. This is because you will find the beauty of the sea which is very beautiful with hundreds of species of fish and coral reefs that live in the Wakatobi Sea.

This place is used as divers all over the world to enjoy the beauty of the sea. It is not wrong if when you visit this place, you will find dozens of divers who are in Wakatobi. What is interesting again, Wakatobi became one of the world's marine sanctuaries authorized by UNESCO. Then, what can you do when you are at Wakatobi? There are many things you can do when visiting this place. Here are the things you can do when you are at Wakatobi.

Dive in the Tomia and Onemohute Seas

The main activity you can do when you visit Wakatobi is that you can dive in the Tomia Sea and Onemohute. This place is one of the most famous places in Wakatobi. This is because you will find a variety of coral that is still alive under the sea. There are hundreds of coral that you will meet in this sea. If you are at a depth of 15 to 20 meters, you can also easily see hundreds of coral reefs with fish that live in them. You can also easily learn diving because the waves are not big.

Enjoy the tranquility at Hoga Island Beach

The next activity you can do at Wakatobi Tourist Attraction is to enjoy peace when you are on Hoga Island. The island is located in eastern Indonesia, on Hoga Island. When you are on Hoga Island, you will witness a vast stretch of white sand with a very tenuous beach. Even you will not see a pile of garbage in this place because the place is very beautiful and clean. Hoga Island has a much calmer atmosphere compared to you going to Wakatobi Island. Resorts are also available here, but what you need to know is, this island only provides electricity from 6 pm to 12 pm.

Hunting for souvenirs in Pajam Village, Kaledupa Island

Another thing that is not less interesting when you visit this island is a very famous souvenir hunt. Besides hunting for souvenirs, you can meet the indigenous Wakatobi tribes who are famous for their hospitality when welcoming outsiders to their island. It is located very close to Wakatobi Island, which is located in Bajo Sampela Village. Even this tribe is known as the oldest sea wandering tribe. In this village, you can see a variety of woven products from residents of Wakatobi. The weaving is very suitable for you to make as a souvenir when you visit Wakatobi.

Hendaopa Natural Baths

If you visit Wakatobi Island, you must go to a village called Desa Wawotimo. The village is located on a Mount Tomia. In the village, there is a unique bath which is very famous because the bath has a shape like a cave and entered into the ground. If you look at the cave, you only see it as an ordinary hole, but when you go deeper, then you will see a pool with very clear water and is used as a tourist bathing place. Not many tourists know about this place, so this place is still quiet.

Bathing and Bathing in Kontamale Cave

Maybe you would think that Wakatobi Tourist Attraction is famous for its very clear sea, coral reefs, and various marine life that live in it. However, did you know that Wakatobi is also known as a tourist place that has dozens of caves with groundwater in it? If you are in this tourist spot, you will find dozens of caves that store very clear groundwater. One of them is the famous Kontamale Cave because the cave resembles a lake-like shape. If you look at the ceiling of the cave, you will see a very beautiful stalagmite. Some even claim that if you bathe in this cave, you will get a mate quickly.

Go to Turtle Island, Anano Island Beach

Besides, there is one place that you must visit when you are in Wakatobi, which is to go to Turtle Island, Anano Island Beach. The island earned the nickname as the Thousand Turtle Island because the island was used as a place for sea turtles to lay eggs. The beach is very beautiful. When you visit this beach, you will see a stretch of white sand with very clean water. The atmosphere is also a very quiet beach. If you visit this place, I suggest to visit it during the turtle nesting season. This is because you will be free to see thousands of sea turtles gathering on this island.

Exploring the Sacred Forest of the Wakatobi Community

In addition to visiting the beaches and caves in Wakatobi which is very impressive, you can also head to see the protected forests on this island. The forest was named Tindoi Forest which became a sacred forest for the people of Wakatobi. The forest has an altitude of about 800 to 900 m above sea level. If you want to visit this village, you are required to travel about 10 km from Wanci City to reach this protected forest. You will find dozens of large trees towering and very old.

Wakatobi Traditional Culinary Tourism

If you are tired of visiting the Wakatobi Tourist Attraction, you also need to enjoy traditional culinary in Wakatobi. You only need to come to a restaurant called WasabinuaResto, and this restaurant will provide dozens of traditional Wakatobi foods that you can try. The food menu provided by this restaurant is very diverse and tasty. You can easily get seafood if you want seafood. Not only that, but here also provided a variety of very fresh drinks. If you are interested, you can go to this place and the price offered is not too expensive. You can also see the beauty of Wakatobi while eating traditional food from Wakatobi.