A Guide to The Best Tourist Attractions in Aceh - There are two things that will make you fall in love with Aceh. First, the scenery. Second, the coffee. Surrounded by Indian Ocean and Malaka Strait, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, is well-known for its beaches and its delicious foods and beverages. In the old time, to enter Nusantara (Indonesia) is to enter Aceh in the first place. That is the reason why the culinary in Aceh is so various and unique.

Nothing is better than makes your heart as happy as your tummy. If you want to get that in one time, you have to visit Aceh on your holiday. Visit the best tourist spot in Aceh while drinking one of the best coffee in the world and eating the best noodle in the world. So, here are the glimpse of the places you must visit in Aceh:

Iboih Beach

How can you define happiness? You can define it with this situation: sitting under the swaying coconut trees while seeing the pure Tuscan waters in front of you. This is something that you can find in Iboih Beach.

Iboih is known for its calm ambiance and natural beauty. This beach is great for you who loves snorkeling and see the exquisite fish and another biodiversity of the sea. However, if you don't like snorkeling, you still can enjoy Iboih while sitting and drinking the coconut water.

Tsunami Museum

Most of Aceh regions were beaten by an enormous tsunami wave on 26 December 2004. More than 150.000 died on that day. However, Aceh can rise from that disaster and make an amazing recovery.

But, Aceh people will never forget how that day changed their life and made them lose many things, from house to family. It is the main reason why the Tsunami Museum is built in West Aceh.

Yet, not only a reminder, but this museum is also an educational center for people and tourists to learn about tsunami and earthquake, as well as a big shelter in case there is the tsunami or other disasters hit Aceh someday.

Biang Kolam Waterfall

Biang Kolam Waterfall is located in Sidomulyo, North Aceh. You can have fun in front of the twin waterfalls with 75m height. It is surrounded by the leafy trees, and that also makes the air cooler.

To enter this spot, you just have to buy the ticket for about IDR 5,000 (less than 0.5 USD).

And to get into this best tourist spot in Aceh, you can take a land vehicle from Lhoukseumawe for about 30 minutes.

Pantan Terong Hill

You can also enjoy the beauty of Aceh from the height by visiting Pantan Terong Hill. Located an out 1830 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the beauty of middle Aceh and Laut Tawar lime from Pantan Terong Hill.

It is also a good place for you to spot sunrise and sunset, so, you can consider building a tend in Pantan Terong Hill. However, don't forget to bring your jacket or scarf since the weather is so cold and the wind blatantly blows there.

Rubiah Island

Located in the northwest of Weh Island, at Sabang, this is the best place to visit if you want to interact with variously protected sea biota. Diving and snorkeling are two activities that you have to do here because all the good things in this island lie over the sea.

You can also see the beauty of tropical fish and also the coral reefs. If you are a diver, Rubiah Island must be noted on your holiday list.

Kuala Merisi

Still longing for the beach, but with different ambiance? In Aceh Besar, you can visit Kuala Merisi for good. Kuala Merisi is known for its quiet and calm beach. You can see how wonderful the beach line in Kuala Merisi. Such a good beach to sit on while drinking the coconut waters and chatting with your loved ones.

Want more adventurous holiday in Kuala Merisi? Surfing will be a good answer. Kuala Merisi beach is the best tourist spot in Aceh for surfing activities because the surfers can easily catch the good waves there. You don’t have to wait too long to catch that.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque Baiturrahman is a mandatory place to visit for a religious journey. Not only praying there, but you can also see how magnificent this mosque design. The mosque color is dominated by white, as well as the dome color. However, it is surrounded by seven black towers, so you understand what makes this mosque looks so luxurious.

Inside this best tourist spot in Aceh, you can also find a big pool with lavish water fountain. The tourists commonly take photos in there. However, don’t forget that it is still a place to pray, so, when you take the photo or just sightseeing, don’t bother the people who pray in there.

After visiting all of those tourist attractions, you will understand why there are many people who love to visit Aceh. Aceh is a combination of beautiful nature, wonderful foods, and also the tough people. During the holiday, you can see how tough it is the people in Aceh, to keep surviving and maintaining all the rich and magnificent places around them. So, you also learn many things while having a holiday in Aceh. Best Tourist Attractions in Aceh