Yogyakarta is one of the most culturally rich regions in Indonesia. Yogyakarta is located in the heart of Java Island. Yogyakarta becomes an ideal place for urban dwellers to spend their holidays. So, are you planning a trip to this wonderful region? If you are, do not miss the following best tourist spots in Yogyakarta. Here, you will be amazed with the combinations of cultural and natural beauty.

Things to do in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Visiting Yogyakarta is not complete unless you prove the amazing beauty of some destinations in the region. Do not focus your trip simply on natural attractions, as the cultural destinations here will amaze you, and vice versa. Ready to explore the beauty and exotic appeal of this special region? Checkout the following best tourist sports in Yogyakarta.


Borobudur Temple

Actually, Borobudur Temple is not located within the area of Yogyakarta. Instead, it belongs to Central Java Province. However, the tourists mostly stay in Yogyakarta and then make a trip to Borobudur. The mysterious background and unique designs make it one of the best tourist spots in Yogyakarta. No body knows who built the temple, when and how it was constructed. No single adhesive or nailing process is found here.

The Temple was built between the eighth and ninth centuries by the Cailendra dynasty. Little is known about the origin and the purpose of its construction. The Buddhist Temple consists of four main platforms. On the top of each platform, there is a large circular stupa, while smaller Buddhist statues sit in a circular formation.

If you are an early riser, the Buddhist Temple offers a wonderful view on sunrise. Enjoy the tranquilizing view of east horizon from the top of the temple. Take a moment for self-reflections or meditation in silence. Visitors reported that the most beautiful scene appears about 45 minutes after the sunrise. If the weather is good, you will see a massive structure of golden, glowing light.

Prambanan Temple

Why is Prambanan Temple one of the best tourist spots in Yogyakarta? When visiting this temple, you will find the answer. Borobudur Temple is wonderful, but you will see a unique beauty here in Prambanan Temple. Many people say that Prambanan is the most beautiful temple in Indonesia, if not, in the world. Prambanan Temple, which is also known as Roro Jonggrang temple, was discovered in the 10th century.

The temple has unique architectural designs with its pointed 47-meter tops. If Borobudur is wonderful during sunrise, Prambanan Temple is gorgeous during sunset. Located in a large area, the Temple is surrounded by clean, well-maintained parks and playgrounds. This is an ideal destination for family tour. There are many things to do and to see here. You can see Ramayana Ballet Show or Topeng Monyet show. You can play Gamelan, the traditional Javanese orchestra or do horse-riding.

Keraton Ngayogyakarta

Here lies the heart of Yogyakarta’s culture. Keraton complex consists of several royal buildings, which include Sultan Palace, halls, numerous pavilions’ and Water Castle. Sultan, who is also the Governor of Yogyakarta, Province, and his family live here. Keraton is one of the must-visit and the best tourist spots in Yogyakarta, because you can learn many things about the history and the culture of Yogyakarta here.

Thorough the complex, you can see buildings with intricate designs, which combined old Javanese culture and Western-influenced designs in some parts. There is a gallery that displays personal collections of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. Then, there is Taman Sari – the water castle – where Sultan and the royal family spent leisure time.

Different history, cultural values which are still held by the local people of Yogyakarta, and local wisdom make the Province a Special Region in Indonesia. There are certain aspects, which cannot be intervened by the central government. For instance, there is no election for the Governor, since the position is inherited based on the family line.

Keraton is located in the heart of Yogyakarta, thus making it easy to access. Many transportation modes are available, from taxi cab, andong, or becak. However, if this is your first visit to Keraton Yogyakarta, going with a tour guide is a safer choice. You may get lost in the large Keraton area. The tour guide can also tell you many things about Keraton and the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

Malioboro and Batik Center

The shopping street of Malioboro is another favorite destination in Yogyakarta. “Never go home without bringing some batik. This is what the tourists always say when visiting Yogyakarta. On Malioboro streets, you can find many batik stores that sells batik clothing at affordable prices. Whether you want Batik clothing for formal or informal moments, the options are huge. Finding local souvenirs, such as key chains, shirts, bags, shows, and accessories at cheap prices is also easy here.

From Malioboro street, you can proceed to Batik center. Many becak or andong drivers are here, offering affordable visit to Batik and Bakpia-making center. Unlike on Malioboro street, Batik clothing here is more expensive, as they are the authentic Yogyakarta Batik. The motives are easily distinguished. Going to Museum Batik, you can see the process of batik making, which involves manual process.

Then, do not miss Bakpia – a specific snack in Yogyakarta – that you can bring home for your family. In the evening, you can find food stalls lining on Malioboro street. They serve local foods like ayam penyet (fried chicken with special chili sauce) and many kinds of beverages. Do not miss to try the street foods of Yogyakarta!

Are they all the best tourist spots in Yogyakarta? Absolutely not! There are many other wonderful places to visit. If you still have time, make sure to visit interesting destinations like the center of silver jewelry making in Kota Gede, Parangtritis Beach, Merapi Peak and Kaliurang that offer mountain view of Merapi, Vredeburg Temple Museum, other temples like Ratu Boko Temple and Kalasan Temple. Furthermore, Yogyakarta offers a number of hidden paradise, like secluded beaches where you can spend the day away from the crowd.