9 Best Tourist Attractions in Banten Magnetizing People to Come

Another exotic Indonesia’s province eminent for its endangered species of Javan rhinos and majestic most active volcano of Krakatoa reserve is, for sure, Banten. Located in the westernmost part of Java Island, this gem always indicates the jewel in the crown when it comes to hypnotizing people to enjoy their Indonesian journey.

For further details, have a read on the list of 9 best tourist attractions in Banten below:

1. Ujung Kulon National Park

Once you get in Banten, the first thing to do must be wandering through Ujung Kulon National Park. Situated 33 kilometers away from Sumur city (the closest city), this area is considered the most essential specifically for the existence of the rare large mammals named Javan rhinos. Aside from observing the one-horned animal, you can do another bunch of activities such as diving into the dense mangrove forest, fun trekking, and not to mention surfing in Panaitan Island.

2. Sangiang Island

Banten also offers its best spot for your ultimate break free – the island of Sangiang. The highlights of the little paradise in the Sunda Strait are exactly the pristine beaches, fantastic underwater crowded by a variety of corals and tropical fishes, and a bat cave. From snorkeling to soaking up the sun, this attractive destination deserves an appreciation. To get there, you can take a 45-minute boat trip from Anyer on the mainland.

3. Anyer Beach

Anyer Beach is often overwhelmed by groups of enthusiastic tourists when the weekend comes, this lovely place remains captivating to hit. Overlooking the blue Sunda Strait, the focus of attention allows the beach junkies to have fun with the golden sun and crystal-clear water. When you feel starving, be sure to grab your lunch with the great selection of seafood. To see the place open for 24 hours, you might have a go with a 40-minute drive from Cilegon.

4. Baduy Village

If your thing is to meet the local tribe, visiting Baduy Village is such a recommended preference you can’t take lightly. It is populated by groups of people who still maintain the authentic Banten culture and tradition. Their life values, traditional attire, and unique houses are breathtaking. The village is basically divided into 2 parts – the outer and inner. Located in Lebak (normally hilly area), Baduy Village can be accessed by a 1.5-hour drive from Rangkasbitung. It is open for 24 hours.

5. Carita Beach

Carita Beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Banten that brings different story when your exploration in western tip of Java is nothing but inevitable. The secluded piece of heaven is beautified by the presence of white stretch of sand, sapphire blue water, and the dramatic view of Anak Krakatau Volcano. Compared to other beaches, Carita is relatively less crowded. From Labuhan (a city in the south), this spot is only 15 kilometers away.

6. Cihear Waterfall

Cihear Waterfall is the true evidence that Banten has out-of-this-world nature attraction that deserves to get wider attention at the national level. A short distance from Ciberang River, this place offers the amazing rapid cascading down the milestone. It looks more panoramic when this center of attention is tailored with the backdrop full of verdant plants. The only way to reach here is by the one-hour walk from Cigobang village.

7. Tanjung Lesung Beach

It is time to be impressed by Tanjung Lesung Beach. The tropical glamour can easily be sensed once you are welcomed by the elegance of turquoise water that this beach has to offer. Just 27 kilometers away from Sumur, you will find it worthwhile. In addition to the marine view, the pearly white sand coming with a smooth texture that adorns the coast serves to perfect your liberty. From swimming to playing the water, everything looks great here.

8. Dua Island or Burung Island

Aside from Ujung Kulon National Park, there is another wildlife sanctuary, home to plenty of migrating birds – Dua Island or known as Burung Island. This charm, 30 kilometers away from Serang, merges to the mainland of Banten. It consists of a range of beautiful boulders surrounded by greenish-blue water. The best time to see the flocks of flying vertebrates is in months between April and August. This one is daily open for visitors.

9. Benteng Heritage Museum

Benteng Heritage Museum uniquely has Chinese architectural interior making anybody captivated. Highlighting the Peranakan Chinese structure, this site whose opening hours are from 10 am to 5 pm is, at the bottom, a restored building established in the 17th century. It collects several antiques as well as artifacts. It takes only a 19-minute drive from the hub of Tangerang.

In conclusion, it is such a wrong decision when you miss the 9 best tourist attractions in Banten. They complement your days of travel. Visit this province soon!