9 Best Tourist Attractions in Kalimantan Barat Poor to Be Missed

Speaking of the tourist attraction, Kalimantan Barat (West Borneo) is the champion. Sitting gracefully in the western part of Borneo Island, the province of thousand rivers successfully magnetizes the vacationers not only with its diverse cultures and ethnicities creating a sensational melting pot but also the unfailing exotic nature.

Simply check out the list of 9 best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Barat deserving a visit:

1. The Equator Monument

One of the iconic landmarks of West Borneo you must come to see is nothing else but the Equator Monument. Located 3 kilometers away from the capital city (Pontianak), the center stage is where you can step on two hemispheres – north and south. The historic building established by a Dutch geographer is characterized by four poles made of iron and wood as well as the frontage bollard. The daily opening hours start from 7 am to 10 pm.

2. Kadriah Palace

Kadriah Palace (5 kilometers away from the center of Pontianak) gives you an ample opportunity to get enchanted with Malay-style architectural design. Built by a prominent figure named Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie, this site offers historical attraction from the period of Dutch occupation to the Japanese one. It collects a couple of old objects such as heirlooms, artifacts, royal photos, statues, and many others. The opening time of this limelight is from 10 am to 6 pm.

3. The City of Singkawang

To be immersed with the Chinese atmosphere, there is nothing you can’t do other than paying a visit to the City of Singkawang (a 3.5-hour drive away from Pontianak). The municipality overlooking Karimata Strait is where the inhabitants of Chinese descent live. Like Chinatown, Singkawang is loaded with Chinese buildings and temples. Interestingly, the locals keep retaining their mother tongue. While exploring this city, be sure to have a taste on the local cuisine.

4. Kapuas River

The meandering Kapuas River, populated by numerous types of fish from snakeheads to giant gourami, is arguably a must-see attraction once you travel in West Borneo. The fact that this river is the longest one from around Borneo indeed is mesmerizing. Instead of enjoying the natural stream from the bridge, we recommend you take a boat ride that departs from Pontianak or if you want to keep traditional, you might try to get on the raft offered by the locals.

5. Riam Merasap Waterfall

One of the best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Barat that highlights the beauty of Bornean nature is undoubtedly Riam Merasap Waterfall. With the height of 20 meters, this redoubtable attraction comes with a long limestone rock formation flowed by the swift water cascading down to the brown pool and stack of rock. Within near reach of it, it’s the habitation of unique trees called “belian”. To get there, it takes a 2.5-hour drive from Sambas.

6. Pasir Panjang Beach

For those who belong to the beach aficionados, you can’t miss out on a chance of hitting the gorgeous Pasir Panjang Beach. This destination is known for its dazzling 3-km stretch of white sand swept by the calm wave. Taking a 20-minute drive from Singkawang, this gem offers a best spot to enjoy the sunset over the blue ocean. It is equipped with many sorts of facilities such as swimming pool, playground, and restaurant.

7. Gunung Palung National Park

To dive into the authentic wilderness of West Borneo, you should get lost in Gunung Palung National Park. According to some sources, this area has the most complete biodiversities in Indonesia. It is where the cute Bornean orangutans quietly dwell in. Apart from the furry mammals, you can also meet other endemic creatures such as Bekantan (the long-nosed monkeys), flying snakes, Bornean birds and some others. To reach this place, you can take a -30-minute flight from Pontianak.

8. Randayan Island

Situated 32 kilometers away from Singkawang, it lies a beautiful tropical paradise –Randayan Island. The obvious highlight of this islet is, without doubt, the pristine environment filled with white sand beaches, clear turquoise water, and not to mention the mind-blowing underwater. Don’t get worried if you plan to stay for some nights here as cozy villas jam-pack the island. It is highly recommended for those planning to honeymoon.

9. Rumah Radakng

To see how the indigenous population recognized as Dayak lives, the best solution is by visiting Rumah Radakng the tall house supported by numerous wooden poles can accommodate up to 100 people – that's why it is massive and spacious. The one that is located in Pontianak (4 kilometers away from the city center) often hosts an array of cultural events and musical performances. The opening hours are from 7 am to 6 pm.

To sum up, including the 9 best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Barat in this year’s bucket list is a must. You will always find them impressive and unforgettable.