The Best Tourists Attraction in Maluku for an Exotic Holiday

In the ancient time, Moluccas or Maluku is recognized as "the spice island". An island that produces many spices and becomes one of the biggest spice producers in the world. That drives many people all over the world to come there, and some of them try to colonialize it.

Nowadays, Maluku is recognized as an exotic island with biodiversity, important historical sites, and also marine tourism objects. Having a holiday in Maluku will enrich your knowledge and also experience. It is like having only two or three days holiday in Maluku is not enough.

However, from many marvelous tourist attractions in Maluku, there are some places that you shall visit when you are going to Maluku. So, here is a list of some best tourism spots in Maluku:

1. Manusela National Park

What makes this national park special? It is passed by Wallace Line, a transitional and hypothetical zone that is made to separate the biodiversity in Asia and Wallacea. The areas that are passed by Wallace Line are known for its unique and rich species of animals and plants.

You can observe its uniqueness by going to Manusela National Park. There are many various species of butterflies and endemic birds, and this place is commonly used for studying the evolution of certain animal.

Still, in Manusela National Park, there are the montane rainforest, the lowland, and also the coastal forest. Located in Seram Island, it is the best tourist spot in Maluku if you intend to study deeply about biology, especially in botanical or ecology.

2. Bandaneira

Bandaneira is a city rich of historical sites. It is because that in the past, Bandaneira was a port-city for trading activities, and many colonialists come to Maluku through this place.

Banda Neira is rather quite. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy anything here. You can visit many historical sites such as Belgica Fortress, and from above, you can see the beauty of Bandaneira city, from the mountain to the sea.

Wondering if you are getting enough with the museum tour, you can go to the sea for snorkeling, or just to enjoy the beach. Bandaneira is a good place if you are looking for a sanctuary.

3. Gamalama Mountain

Gamalama Mountain is an active stratovolcano mountain. However, you can still climb that mountain, although you have to pay attention and make sure the condition of the mountain the time you climb there.

Beside the mountain itself, there is also a place that you have to visit there, in the foothill of the mountain. It is the famous Tolire Lakes.

There are two lakes in the foothill of Gamalama Mountain. First, it is Tolire Besar, and second is Tolire Kecil. These lakes are full of myths and legends. People said that there is a white crocodile life there, and protect the lakes from other people. However, until now, the existence of white crocodile remains a myth.

Not only the myth of crocodile, but there is also the myth that no matter how much stones you throw to the lakes, the stones will never reach the surface of the water. Believe it or not, this is something that attracts many tourists.

4. Kei Island

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, you must visit Kei Island. It is a good place to enjoy the purplish-blue water and also white sand. The scenery is also beautiful, so it is a good place for taking many photos. It is also an unforgettable place for the holiday.

Not only the gorgeous beach, in Kei Island, there are also the Ohoidertawun Village, where you can find many ancient caves. It is a good place to add more value to your knowledge so that you will understand how it is to live as ancient peoples.

With many unique sites, Kei Island is the best tourist spot in Maluku that will make your holiday more memorable and enrich your experience.

5. Bacan Island

Most people come to Bacan Island to enjoy the sea-side and to escape from the crowd. Bacan Island have a very warm ambiance, and get along with the people in there will make you feel relieved.

Not only the sea-side ambiance, but there is also the traditional fortress with Portuguese and Dutch touch, called Barneval Fortress. It has been ruined due to the age. However, you can still visit that fortress and take some magnificent photos.

In Sawada, there is also a pebble beach. Hence, if you are looking for a relaxing place for your feet, you can come to Sawada, Bacan Island.

This one of the best tourist spot in Maluku also easy to reach from Ternate. So if you don’t want to stay overnight there, you can have a one-day trip from Ternate.


Nowadays, Maluku might not be considered as the only famous spice island in the world, just like the old time. There are still many places in Maluku that produce various spices, but not as massive as the old time, 500 years ago when many countries tried to colonialized Maluku. However, its natural beauty still exists until now, and having a holiday in Maluku is something that a traveler must do once in their life.