Crowned as the best food across the globe in 2017, rendang gains much attention from people from different backgrounds. Don't you know that this delightful piece of spiced meat can't be apart from the authentic Minangese dish named nasi padang? Speaking of nasi padang, this worthy delicacy never fails to fascinate plenty of foodies not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

The reason why it is widely accepted to anybody’s palate is clearly described in this following review on nasi padang. Check it now!

What Makes Nasi Padang Special

Nasi padang or padang rice that originates from West Sumatra is a type of steamed rice served with an assortment of traditional dishes combining vegetables, meats, and fish. At a glance, the foods look like the Indian curry allowing a vast variety of spices from turmeric to cardamom to be included. In addition to the thick culinary delights, nasi padang always goes with the spicy sambal (be it the red or green version) and not to mention the blanched coconut leaves. The presentation, the flavor, and the authenticity are the grounds why it is out of the ordinary.

In Indonesia, the presence of nasi padang totally is of the essence to numerous people especially the workers. A great number of calories of this dish easily helps to boost the individual’s energy and power. That’s no wonder that it is ubiquitously scattered all across the country available in warung Padang (a conventional restaurant supplying an array of Minangese foods). Each eatery has a unique window display loaded with the nicely arranged stacks of plates filled with wide-ranging foods such as paru goreng, gulai tunjang, and ayam balado.

Chilies and Coconut Milk are the Key Elements Enhancing the Flavor of Nasi Padang

One of the fundamental spices that must be there in nasi padang is, for sure, the chilies. True to some population majorly in Asia, chilies play a significant role to augment the appetite. It doesn’t mean that the diners love munching on more and more, but it relies on the ritual value making the dining moment more meaningful. Additionally, this seasoning that might burn your tongue always lends color to the variety of Minangese dishes found in padang rice. Arguably, these pungent, peppery spices are the soul.

Beside chilies, another ingredient hard to take apart from Minangese dishes on nasi padang is nothing else but the coconut milk. The savory sensation coming out from the natural fat incredibly merges with the basic component pampering your taste buds. The use of this fresh white liquid is frequent due to the abundant supply of coconut thriving well on the Sumatran coast. The herby seasonings from turmeric to galangal also can’t be wrong about. They indeed carry out the wealth of taste.

The Best Side Dishes for Nasi Padang

It is definitely true that the guy behind the insane taste acquired from nasi padang is the rendangthe chunk of beef cooked in the heavy coconut milk gravy and aromatic seasonings. However, the steamed rice will be more appetizing with other succulent complements bad to be missed. The first meal taking into your consideration should be gulai ayam. This curry-like, reddish-yellow dish is basically some pieces of chicken meat perfectly simmered with coconut milk and pungent spices. It is indeed perfect to be devoured with the warm rice.

Another edible companion is gulai kepala ikan kakap merah that is made of the head of red snapper fish. Some of you might think that this dish covered with light red coconut milk gravy is unpalatable and gross. To the contrary, it goes with the ultimate tenderness and tastes out of expectation. Missing this is such a big mistake. For the green variety, you can't leave out daun ubi tumbuk. Like the rests of Minangese cuisine, the spicy cuisine highlighting the ground cassava leaves is cooked along with coconut milk.

It’s also Accompanied by Strange Side Dishes

It turns out that nasi padang has the bizarre face by way of its protein-based side dishes from innards to the brain and from foot tendon to bone marrow. Again, theses might seriously affect your appetite – however, never judge this array of weird stuff until you get a taste of them. The early one to go for a try is gulai otak; gulai means gravy and otak mean brain. Although it appears pretty similar to the human brain – still don't get worried – it is 100 percent from the herbivore mammal which is a cow.

Meanwhile, gulai limpo is basically made of the cow spleen cooked with a range of herbs and spices.

To make a long story short, gaining information after having a read on the review on nasi padang is such a great way to get to know the authenticity of Indonesian cuisine.