9 Best Tourist Attractions in Kalimantan Selatan Letting You Get Impressed

Famous for its amazing floating market, Kalimantan Selatan or South Borneo is such a one-of-a-kind place awaiting the avid globetrotters seeking out a reassuring getaway. From culture to nature, the shining pearl in the southeastern section of the world’s third largest island always shows its charm.

Here is the list of 9 best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Selatan worth-exploring:

1. Lok Baintan Floating Market

If you are about to meet the authenticity that South Borneo has to offer, delighting in the local breakfast and saying hello to the ladies selling their harvest on traditional boats at Lok Baintan Floating Market are highly recommended. Unfortunately, this attraction along Martapura River only takes place in the morning from 6 to 9 am – so, wake up earlier to catch this. It is situated 10.5 kilometers from the hub of Banjarmasin.

2. Batu Hapu Cave

Batu Hapu Cave allows you to be amazed by the grandiose view of stalactite and stalagmite. The limestone cavern comes with stone walls that appear differently. Compared to other caves, the texture of the cave surface is dense and bulky. That’s what makes this natural attraction unique. It takes a 30-minute drive from Pasar Binuang to reach this place. Opened for 24 hours, you can go for your Bornean discovery in the cave.

3. Samber Gelap Island

Unless you can stay in the city’s hustle and bustle of Banjarmasin, you should escape Samber Gelap Island. Don’t you know that this paradise is the real tropical paradise? It highlights ravishing diving spots full of colorful corals and sea creatures, turquoise water, and a stretch of pearly white sand beach. Besides swimming and soaking up the sun, be sure to go kayaking as well as observing the turtle’s eggs hatching. It can be accessed from Kota Baru by taking a 4-hour trip.

4. Mandin Damar Waterfall

South Borneo also goes with its unbeatable attraction provided for anyone of you who loves adventure – Mandin Damar Waterfall. Hidden in the thick jungle in the region of Tanahbumbu, this place requires you an extra effort when it comes to access. Despite so, the 10-meter-tall waterfall has clear fresh water cascading down the greenish-blue pool and the same is true with the refreshing, verdant surroundings. It sits 5 kilometers away from the nearest village named Gunung Raya.

5. Wasaka Museum

Wasaka Museum is one of the best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Selatan (South Borneo) that satiates people’s curiosity regarding the history of Indonesia. It displays a set of worth collections from the Dutch occupation to the period of gaining independence such as weapons, photographs, uniforms, and many others. The most noted historical object is no other than the proclamation manuscript. The opening hours are from 7 am to 12 pm. From the city center, it is only 4 kilometers away.

You can see Wasaka Museum pictures below, taken by my friend Rahmat Nugroho

6. Kembang Island

Nestled in the middle of Barito River, Kembang Island stands out with its natural attraction. This place is uniquely inhabited by monkeys and birds that you can interact with. Feel free to enjoy the crisp air while strolling down the small lane and be careful with your belonging as the furry mammals might disturb you. In addition to that, it features a Chinese shrine with a monkey statue. On a special occasion, you will see the sacred site dotted with offerings. To get here, it takes a 15-minute drive from Banjarmasin.

7. Biru Pengaron Lake

Although Biru Pengaron Lake, situated 35 kilometers away from Martapura, is human-made, this attraction deserves a visit. The former mining site is surrounded by canyons with an amber shade that beautifully stand. Moreover, you must be captivated with the light blue water. The exotic side of it doesn't stop there; the green plants crowding the surroundings help everything look gorgeous. Unluckily, you can’t swim in the area.

8. Up House of Dream

Traveling with your children sounds incomplete without dropping by Up House of Dream. This one must be favored by them as the kids can meet up with the famed cartoon characters named Mr. Fredricksen and Russel. The house looks cheerful and brilliant due to the colorful painting along the wall surface. Once you are here, never hesitating to capture your most beautiful moment with the backdrop. It is open from Saturday to Thursday for 24 hours and only a few blocks away from Kayutangi roundabout.

9. Telang Hill

Telang Hill, also known as Rimpi Hill (61 kilometers away from Banjarbaru) offers a wonderful landscape letting you keep fascinated. It is a range of undulating verdant hills covered by the striking savanna like nowhere else. The 30-minute trekking should be taken to enjoy the scenery of Telang Hill. To enter this site, you are not charged for any pennies – yet, the parking service sets you back around 10,000 IDR. (less than 1 USD)

In conclusion, there is no excuse for missing those best tourist attractions in Kalimantan Selatan. From the floating market to green hills, South Borneo never fails to entice people.