Best Tourist Attractions in Ngawi

Ngawi is one of Kabupaten in Jawa Timur. Ngawi abutting with Jawa Tengah Province and Kabupaten Sragen. We can easily access and go to Ngawi because many public transportation and good infrastructure.

Air Terjun Pengantin

Air Terjun Pengantin or The Bride Waterfall widely known because has unique landscape and one of horror film has a same name with this waterfall. That film inspired by this Waterfall. This waterfall located in Desa Hargomulyo, Ngrambe, Kabupaten Ngawi.

Air Terjun Srambang

Srambang Waterfall located in Desa Girimulyo, Jogorogo, Kabupaten Ngawi. In this place you can enjoy clement air and water with beautiful landscape. Many trees around this location like Pine Trees.

Agro-Tourist Tea Gardens Jamus

Visit tea gardens is best place for everyone want to enjoy clement air and take many natural pictures between the tea gardens. Tea plants plant on the hills so the landscape not only tea gardens but also many hills landscape. In this place not only for tea plantation but also used for outbond.

Pondok Reservoir

Many interesting activity in this place like Fishing, walking, explore this reservoir with jetski, boat and take pictures. This spot located in Desa Tawun, Kecamatan Kesreman, Kabupaten Ngawi. Local peoples are friendly for local and international tourists.

Pemandian Tuwun Ngawi

This spot located in Desa Tawun, Kecamatan Kesreman, Kabupaten Ngawi. Local peoples are friendly for local and international tourists. In this place you can see Turtles, monkeys and birds dipelihara in this place. This place has reservoir too, so you can enjoy it with canoe boat and fishing on that place. Restaurant, bathroom, Mushola, Parking area and another facilities can you enjoy in Pemandian Tuwun Ngawi

Benteng Van den Bosch

Benteng Van den Bosch or widely known by local peoples are Benteng Pendem is a fortress located in Kelurahan Pelem, Kecamatan Ngawi, Kabupaten Ngawi. Van den bosch sorrounded by more higher land, so that buildings looks like buried.

When 19th century, ngawi is center of trading and shipping in Jawa Timur. And this place become defense center by Netherland. When Diponegoro War, this place successfully seized/taken by netherland

And then Hindia-Netherland government build benteng to maintain position and strategic function of Ngawi. That benteng finsih to build in 1845 and used by 250 Netherland soldier with many types of guns like bedil, meriam api, and kavaleri. That soldiers lead by Johannes van den Bosch.

K.H. Muhammad Nursalim

In this benteng has graveyard of K.H Muhammad Nursalim. He is one of Pangeran Diponegoro follower that caught by Netherland and taken to this benteng. reputedly, K.H Muhammad Nursalim has supranatural powers, he cant shooted and bullets can't hurt him, then he buried alive.

Trinil Museum

Trinil is paleoantropology site in Indonesia and more smaller than Sangiran Site. This place located in Desa Kawu, Kecamatan Kedunggalar, Kabupaten Ngawi, Jawa Timur. In 1891 Eugene Dubois (anatomist) found ancient human fossils outside europe (saat itu) that fossil is Java Man speciment. In 1893 Dubois found human ancient Pithecanthropus erectus, animals and plants fossils. Now Trinil is Museum, trinil museum has many collection about ancient human and another fossils.

Teleng Selo Ondo Waterfall

Telang Selo Ondo located in Bumi Perkemahan Selo Ondo and this place often used for Rock Climbing, Outbond, Camping and another activity. Natural landscape, natural forest and fresh water you can enjoy in this place. When you want to go to the waterfall you must skip natural road (footpath)

Tips When Visit Selo Ondo Waterfall

1.Monitor the weather, so you can enjoy this place more comfortable. Not fun if rains when you visit this place.

2.You can bring your own lunch to save your money

3.Dont bring many goods on your bag, it can make you kecapekan

4.When holiday or weekand Selo Ondo crowd by visitor, so you can visit this place another day to makes your trip more freely

This waterfall located in Desa Ngrayudam, Kecamatan Jogorogo. This location often used by students, scout, Palang merah remaja, and pecinta alam for camping. This Waterfall fond used for yearbook photos or foto kenangan/album kenangan by many schools in Kabupaten Ngawi. but sayangnya many coret-coretan and rubbish by unresposibility visitors.

Suwono Waterfall

In this place you can see 20 meters waterfall on a cliff. The water always flow every seasons. This is best location to take interesting picture and share to Instagram! Suwono Waterfall located in Dusun Ngroto, Desa Hargomulyo, Kecamatan Ngrambe, Kabupaten Ngawi, Jawa Timur Province.