3 Best Waterfalls in Bogor that You Should Visit for Weekends Gateway

Bogor City that located in West Java Province has mountainous topography. Because of its topography, Bogor has many waterfalls, and it is also well-known as the City of Thousand Waterfalls. Some of these waterfalls are depth, and some waterfalls are already popular. The access to the waterfalls is the main factor why some waterfalls had been many visited. The ones that less visited usually have steep terrains.

The city itself is easily reached from Jakarta by using the train, car, or bus. The weather in Bogor is lovely, and it feels like heaven for Bogor community, including me! The city is best to be visited on the weekdays since the traffic congestion is everywhere on weekends. As the local people, I know that it might be challenging to get the information about the best waterfalls in Bogor that you can visit since there are so many of them. So, here is the recommendation of 3 best waterfalls that you can visit given by the local!

1. Leuwi Hejo Waterfall

Leuwi Hejo waterfall is located in Kampung Wangun Cileungsi, Desa Karang Tengah, Kecamatan Babakan Madang, Kabupaten Bogor. We can visit the waterfall from 06.00 AM to 05.30 PM. It is best to go to the waterfall by using a motorcycle. As it for me, it only takes an hour from Bogor City, but it would also be great if you go in the early morning because the views along the roads to the waterfall are looked pretty in the morning. There are other tourist attractions around the waterfall, such as Gua Garunggang and Gunung Pancar hot water bath.

The ticket price to the waterfall is 15.000 rupiah (1.5 USD), excluding the cost of parking. You need to pay an additional 5.000 (0.5 USD) to 10.000 (1 USD) rupiah for parking. After paying the ticket, we need to track for around 30 minutes. I went there with my husband, and he loved it because the lane is so much easier than another waterfall in Bogor. But, be careful that along the way to the waterfall, some people are asking for an additional cost to enter the waterfall gate. So, it is suggested that you take the rotate path. It is indeed cost you more energy, but as a reward, you can see two additional waterfalls along the way; Barong Waterfall and Leuwi Benjol Waterfall.

2. Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall

Not only one of the best waterfalls in Bogor, but this waterfall is also one of the most exotic waterfalls in Bogor. Leuwi Lieuk is located in Pabuaran, Cibadak, Desa Sukamakmur, Bogor. Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall has similar operational hours with Leuwi Hejo, starting from 06.00 AM and closing at 05.30 PM. We need to pay 10.000 rupiahs (1 USD) for each person to see the beautiful Leuwi Lieuk.

I think the access lane to the waterfall is still poor, and hopefully, there will be some improvements made by the district government. However, the good thing is we do not need to be worry if we get wet since the management provides exchange rooms and toilets.

There are so many spots for swimming, but the depth is quite deep, and the current is quite heavy, so it would be okay if you can swim. Make sure to swim at a depth that is safe for you. Besides swimming, we can also take some photos and selfies! However, every spot will cost 3.000 (0.3 USD) to 5.000 (0.5 USD) rupiah. I did some selfies with my husband, and the cost is worth it because the view is beautiful.

One thing that you need to consider is the lane. As I mentioned before, the lane to the waterfall is very challenging, and it will become slippery in the rain. So, it is better for you to check the weather forecast first. If the sun is shining, then you are ready to go!

3. Cilember Waterfall

Cilember Waterfall is the most favourite destination, according to the local people. Why? Because the waterfall is easily reached. It is located in Cisarua, and we only need 30 minutes to go there. It is highly suggested not to go to Cilember Waterfall on the weekends. The traffic jam from Bogor City to Cisarua is quite hectic. So, weekdays are the right choice.

Unlike the other waterfalls in Bogor, we can visit Cilember Waterfall at any time because the waterfall opens all day. Some local people also believe that the water from Cilember Waterfall has an anti-ageing formula. We never know the truth, but this myth is very well-known amongst people living in Bogor.

We need to walk around 3 kilometers before arriving at the waterfall gate. The cost is around 20.000 rupiah (2 USD) to enter the gate, and the gate is quite modern! The waterfall management already provided the tap-in and tap-out gate like the ones we use to enter the train station. There are many villas with mountainous views along the way before the gate. Hence, it would be nice to stay at the hotel after visiting the waterfall.

Bear in mind that the water current is not heavy when it comes to the dry season. Because the lane is not challenging, I think it would be good to visit the waterfall in the rainy season. but I do not suggest you visit waterfall when raining, because it is so dangerous.

Besides these three waterfalls, there are thousands of best waterfalls in Bogor out there. However, some waterfalls are not opened yet for the public since the roads to get to these waterfalls are dangerous. Local people also believe that there are many hidden waterfalls that yet to be discovered. Maybe, these waterfalls are the ones that make the rain always pouring in Bogor City no matter what season it is!