Best Mountains to Hike in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in the most active seismic area in the world or it is usually called the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. At least until now, I read a lot that this beautiful country has about 130 active volcano mountains which can cause an earthquake when it was exploded. It maybe sounds scary, but a lot of travelers or a challenge seeker really loves this place; especially for those who love to hike a mountain.

Climbing an active volcano in Indonesia gave me the typical experience where mostly I have to bring all the equipment by myself. However, all the challenges and obstacles would be worth it when I could reach the peak and witness the stunning view from there. One of the best in my life by the way; I have already grouped the 10 best mountains to hike in Indonesia and here are the lists.

1. Mount Rinjani – Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat

For me, Mount Rinjani is one of the prettiest mountains in Indonesia and it is located in Lombok Island, Nusa Tenggara Barat. In addition, this mountain included as a part of Gunung Rinjani National Park conservation area and it is also known as the second-highest volcano mountain in Indonesia. The height of this mountain is about 3726 meters above the sea level with several hiking levels from the easy up to the difficult one.

2. Mount Semeru – Probolinggo, East Java

The height of Mount Semeru is around 3676b meters above the sea level and the peak of this mountain is known as Mahameru peak. I really love this mountain because it is so stunning. The hikers have to reach the Ranupane Village first to give data and report if they want to hike the mountain. In that time, I came from a different city. That is why; I decided to sleep in that village a day before hike the Mount Semeru. Ranupane Village is so calm and comfortable. For information, Mount Semeru has two different hiking tracks.

3. Mount Bromo – East Java

Still, from the East Java Province, I have ever hiked Mount Bromo and this place was really dope. A lot of tourists travel to this mountain every day. Mount Bromo is 2392 meters high and for me, there are 2 most interesting things to do here such as hiking the Pananjakan Peak where I started to hike at 03.00-04.00am to spot the sunrise and explored the sand sea area.

4. Mount Jayawijaya/Carstenz – Papua

The next beautiful Mountain in Indonesia as one of the best travel attractions there is the Mount Jayawijaya. It is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia too. This mountain is also really wide and it is even connected Papua until the Australia Ocean. The highest peak is in West Papua. I really surprised with this mountain because it is one of the miracles in the world because it is the only mountain in the tropical area that has the snow.

5. Mount Merbabu – Central Java

Mount Merbabu is located in Central Java with 3142 meters for its height. Actually, Mount Merbabu is not an active volcano again and it leaves 5 craters which are really beautiful. Those craters are the Kendang, Condrodimuko, Kombang, Rebab, and Sambernyowo. Furthermore, Mount Merbabu has two kinds of peak which are the Syarif Peak (3119 meters high) and Kentang Songo Peak (3142 meters high).

6. Mount Tambora – Sumbawa

One of the most memorable travel journeys in Indonesia was when I hiked Mount Tambora in Sumbawa. This mountain has ever created a huge explosion which created a historical moment for Indonesia in 1815. Mount Tambora is for about 4301 meters high above the sea level. This mountain is so popular and several checkpoints are available from the starting point up to the peak.

7. Mount Merapi – Magelang, Central Java

Mount Merapi is still active until now. This mountain is for about 2930 meters high and sometimes this mountain creates a dangerous volcanic activity for the local people there or even for the hikers. That is why; it is better to always follow the rule and check the updated information about the mountain. The hiking track is started from Selo which is 1600 meters high and it is the most common track used by the hikers.

8. Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu is a beautiful mountain area and it is the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. This mountain located between Central Java and East Java. This mountain is 3265 meters high and this volcano mountain is not active anymore. The last explosion happened in 1885. The mountain area consists of several slopes that still emit sulfur. I said this mountain is beautiful because it consists of the green tropical area and natural springs.

9. Mount Ijen – Banyuwangi, East Java

When you are in Indonesia you have to travel to Mount Ijen. In the peak of this mountain, I could watch the Blue Fire view from the crater. This phenomenon can be seen before the sunrise so that the hiking trip has to be started really early in the morning. Along the trip, I met people who take the sulfur. Believe me, the Blue Fire view there was so beautiful and it becomes the main aim of why people come there. At the peak of the mountain, I could also spot the Mount Merapi View from a distance.

10. Mount Papandayan – Garut, West Java

It is one of the most interesting tourist attractions or the mountain to see in Indonesia. This mountain is 2665 meters high and the hiking tracks were challenging and varied. I passed the sloping, step roads and many more again. Mountain and cliffs become the typical view that I could see there. However, the challenging tracks were paid after I reached the peak and saw several craters such as Kawah Mas, Kawang Baru, Kawan Manuk, and Nangklak. I was also amazed by the edelweiss flowers and dead forest that made my travel was beyond than just perfect. What a beautiful trip in a beautiful country.