Thousand Island Has Travel Destinations Island Resort and Semi Resort

The Thousand Islands is one of the most popular tourist areas in the Capital City of Jakarta. The location of the Thousand Islands, which is not far from Jakarta, makes this destination often the target of a short run on weekends for residents of Jakarta and Abroad. The location of Thousand Islands is not far away, located on the north coast of Jakarta. The distance is approximately 15-50 km, can be visited using a Speed Boat available at Marina port, North Jakarta Ancol tourist area. There is also an option to depart from the boat port in the Muara Angke area. The Thousand Islands have many islands that are scattered and unique, most of them are uninhabited, and this does not prevent tourists from visiting and enjoying the natural beauty of the islands on Thousand Islands.

The following are some of the resorts and Semi-Resort Tourism Destination Sites in the Thousand Islands which are often visited by foreign and local tourists:

Island Ayer Resort Jakarta (Pulau Ayer)

Island Ayer Island Thousand tours in total have approximately 33 rooms above the available cottages. Even though you are in the sea, you can still enjoy facilities such as air conditioning, television, mini bar, safet box, and refrigerator. There is a shower option with warm water or cold water. Another attraction is the terrace or balcony available at the back of the cottage. So, you can enjoy the sea view from the cottage. But even so, it's a shame for those of you who like to swim, snorkel or dive, you can't do it, because it's quite close to Jakarta City Jakarta with turbid and steep water.

Putri (Princess Island)

The atmosphere on the beautiful island of the island also supports tourists to relax in front of the cottages, so don't be afraid of overheating or be exposed to the sun, various cottages have been prepared by the island princess for tourists according to the number of participants registered later. And also some other facilities that are also available at the women's island such as restaurants, meeting rooms, mini shops, tennis courts, swimming pools, underwater tunnels, glass-bottom boats, waterslide, and sunset cruise. And for water sports such as a banana boat, water bike, snorkeling, diving, fishing, boat rental, and canoe.

Sepa Island (Pulau Sepa)

Island Sepa is a resort island on Thousand Islands which has cottages made of bamboo and also permanent buildings. Snorkeling and diving activities will be carried out on Sepa Island and playing watersport has been provided on Sepa Island, Fine white sand is found on the island of Sepa and also has a sloping beach so tourists can also swim casually on this beach.

Pulau Pantara Resort

Pantara Island is an island that has the beauty of beaches and seas which are very clean and also blue and green so that the fish found on the edge of the shoreline and the jetty and small rocks are visible when we see it. Many admit that this island is often referred to as a marine resort island, the island of Pantara has been included as a 4 star standard hotel that has large cottages and cottages that have room facilities that have AC, Living Room, Bathroom equipped shower and bath, hot water, wardrobe, double bed and single bed, private terrace. The cottages that are owned are not close together, each cottage is given a distance of approximately 3 meters so that the tourists feel comfortable when staying not disturbed by the cottages next to them while taking a break.

Pelangi Island Jakarta

Pelangi Island, including the Thousand Islands group, Pelangi Island was founded in 1990 as one of the resorts in the Thousand Islands. The traditional Bungalows of Cottage style architecture that we found on Pelangi Island and scattered in the distance of the rainbow island from Marina Ancol Beach Jakarta, the distance traveled around 108 kilometers with 90 minutes or 1 hour from Marina Ancol city, Jakarta. The whole area with beautiful white-sand beaches. Pelangi Island has 32 Cottage units, consisting of Tulip units 9 units, Cottage Jasmin 12 units, Bougenville cottages 12 units and Edelweiss type 1 unit. On Island Pelangi, there are various facilities such as Canoe, Banana Boat, Snorkeling, and Scuba Dive, fishing equipment, Jogging Track and relaxing bicycles.

Tourist Island of Tiger Island One Thousand Resort Jakarta (Pulau Macan)

Holiday on the Island of Tiger feels different from the islands on the other Thousand Islands, tourism on this island tourists can cross to the Island of the Little Tiger by boat or on foot when the sea water is receding. On the Island of Small Tigers, you can sunbathe and enjoy marine tourism such as diving or snorkeling. No need to worry for those of you who want snorkeling or diving because this island has provided equipment. A location that you can visit is called a clubhouse that provides meals with a buffet concept. The delicious food provided by chefs on the island can make you want to add to it repeatedly because the dishes are served with a variety of dishes from Indonesia and abroad.

Bidadari Island One Thousand Island Resort Jakarta (Pulau Bidadari)

Bidadari Island Resort has a historic building in the form of a circle with a large fortress shaped with a diameter of 23 meters, indeed quite a large fort made by the Dutch, the fort was named Fort Martello. Bidadari Island Thousand Island tourist resort is also famous for a variety of plants that live on the land. On this island, there is a beautiful mangrove forest. One of the islands that have a history in the Dutch colonial era (VOC), namely the angel island, which still leaves some historical objects on the island, relics on the island such as horse carts, cannons, and fortress-shaped buildings to defend the attack.

Royal Island Resort in Pulau Kelapa

The island of the Thousand Islands tour has a beautiful panorama that is quite amazing with a view of the mangroves that are around the resort. Royal Island has attractive facilities and tours in addition to enjoying the sunset and mangrove tours. Diverse Snorkeling Spot, Fishing Tours in Rumpon with lots of fish, then there are water tours like playing jetski, banana boat, sofa boat, canoeing, or just swimming playing on the edge of the white sand beach.