Must-Have Souvenirs from Yogyakarta

If you asked me about what one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia is, I will for sure answer that you have to come to Yogyakarta where most of the people call this region with the name of ‘Jogja’. This city is so different than Jakarta. Jogja offers the traditional nuance and the authentic culture of Javanese. The people are so nice, you can see the traditional markets, horse cart, and for sure the gifts. The other reason why I love this region is that because of the price. It is so affordable.

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Jogja! The Special Region in Indonesia

It seems that everyone knows Yogyakarta. This place is known as the special region in Indonesia or the Indonesian people can also call Jogja with Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. It means that Jogja has a king as the leader to run its local government system. Anyway, a lot of interesting stories can be gotten from this area and that is why; I decided to continue my travel journey from Jakarta to this amazing place. I came to Jogja with a group of 3 and we knew that everything must be well-planned; started from the transportation cost, accommodation, destinations to visit, and many more again. That is why; I decided to book this travel agency to enjoy several tourist attractions here.

We took an early flight from Jakarta and it needs for about 1 hour 15 minutes long to arrive in Yogyakarta or in the Adi Sucipto Airport (JOG) or Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA). We were picked by our friendly and professional driver. He was super helpful because he helped us to carry our bag to the car and also gave a lot of information about Yogyakarta and its travel attractions.

We started in Malioboro

Because it was still early and we still has a lot of energy, we asked our driver to accompany us to the most popular destination in Jogja. He told us that it is Malioboro. Well, actually it is like a traditional market, but I could find so many traditional souvenirs and stuffs from Yogyakarta. Believe me; don’t pass this place because it was awesome. It is recommended! Malioboro is a perfect place to find several typical products of Jogja such as handcraft, cute bags, a t-shirt with funny messages on it, accessories, and many more. Along the road, you will find several shops that sell the products at an affordable price. I was surprised that I could even get the cheaper price by bargaining it. Malioboro is also known as a comfortable place to hang out in the afternoon or evening. That time I came in the afternoon, but I really wanted to come back again in the evening or night to get the different nuance there.

After walked around the Malioboro area, we felt hungry. Thank God because we could find various different options for lunch at that time in Malioboro. Because it is a new place, we would like to taste the local food and we heard a lot about the local foods of Yogyakarta. Those are so delicious and most of them have the sweet taste. Our option was Gudeg Mbah Lindu. This was a legendary culinary in Yogyakarta where a portion of this meal consists of rice, cow’s skin, young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk, and egg. It was so yummy and blends really well. In addition, the price was also really affordable.

The next stop was our Hotel. That Hotel was just stunning with two bedrooms. We have a cool view as well as straightly from our windows where we could see the beautiful Yogyakarta area.

Pasar Seni Gabusan

After spending the first day at our Hotel and sleep overnight, we were ready for the next trip on the second day. Our friendly driver took us to the Pasar Seni Gabusan or Gabusan Art Market. We could find so many artistic objects there and the driver told us that Jogja has tons of talented artists. There are various products can be found there such as the artistic crafts from wood, bamboo, steel, and etc. Each of the products has been grouped in certain blocks so that we could easily get the thing that we want. This art market accommodates for about 444 artists who are grouped into 16 areas. Our driver said that this art market was designed by several architects, and one of them is the foreigner so that it becomes the international standard traditional art market.

Desa Wisata Krebet

From that traditional art market, we continued the travel to visit the Desa Wisata Krebet. It was the place where we could see various interesting special wood Batik. It means that there will be some stuff from Wood such as the mask, bowl, plate, and many more which were crafted with Batik pattern. Batik itself is the traditional pattern from Indonesia, included from Yogyakarta. In that time, I bought 5 Batik wood masks for a gift.


Before we ended up our Yogyakarta Travel, we visited the legendary snacks shop in Yogyakarta. This food is called Bakpia. It was like the cookies with green bean fillings and other variants. The shop that we visited was the Bakpia Pathok 25 and our driver said that it was one of the legendary Bakpia sellers in Jogja. We bought about 10 packs of Bakpia for our families and friends. We still didn’t want to end the trip there because then we asked our driver to visit another typical food of Jogja. It was so surprising that our driver bought us to Chocolate Monggo Shop. That chocolate factory was super unique because the chocolate was thick with the classic Javanese Culture. For example, the chocolate could be filled with dodol, peanut, or even the chilies. One more thing, there were also some samples that we could taste before buying certain chocolate products.

That’s it. Our travel in Yogyakarta was super fun and awesome. That region was really something and for sure we wanted to come back again there sometimes. Well, from here we are ready to visit other beautiful places in Indonesia.