The Beauty of Labuhan Jukung Beach West Lampung

This time I will invite you all to explore the cool sights in the West Coast district. Previously, let's get acquainted with this area first. The Pantai Barat Regency is not a foreign area as a tourist destination. Previously this area was part of the West Lampung district. West Coast officially became its district on October 25, 2012. In other words, the area in Lampung province is only 7 years old in October. Even so, tourist attractions in the area are not new places because you must know them as part of a tourist attraction in West Lampung. Here I summarize and recommend several tourist attractions in the West Coast district.

One of the beaches in Lampung is very famous to foreign countries because there are many unique and beautiful things to make this beach very crowded with visitors. Both local visitors and international visitors. This Labuhan Jukung Beach has special characteristics that are not necessarily owned by beaches in general. This Labuhan Jukung Beach has history and legend stories so it is highly valued by the locals. The customs and culture displayed by each event, make visitors feel comfortable about the local wisdom of this beach. Besides being clean, this Labuhan Jukung Beach is accompanied by a variety of adequate public facilities. So that visitors can get to Labuhan Jukung Beach comfortably and regularly.

Labuhan Jukung Beach

Labuhan Jukung Beach is located in Pekon Javanese Village, The coast Tengah, The coast Barat District, Lampung. This beach is one of the assets of the west coast with an area of approximately 12 hectares. Its location in the city center makes this beach easy to reach by tourists. For beginner surfers who are just learning to surf can study at Labuhan Jukung Beach. Besides surfing and playing water and waves on Labuhan Jukung Beach, you can also play bikes along the pretty white sandy beaches. Visitors of this beach were not only from within the country, but there were also many foreign visitors coming to this beach.

Nyimbor Beach

Still, in the row of beaches in Krui The coast Barat, other unspoiled beaches can be used as alternative tourism for travelers. The beach is Nyimbor Beach or also known as beach Ujung Bocor. This Nyimbor Beach is located in Bumi Agung Hamlet, Biha District, and West Coastal District. For those who like fishing, it is said that Nyimbor Beach is a paradise for anglers because here they can find cash fish up to blue marlin.

1. Ticket prices

Entrance tickets when visiting Labuhan Jukung Beach are very affordable for all people. Indeed this beach is classified as a beach that is not too excessive in the business of the beauty of its beaches because it is indeed traditional and the culture that is still thick is attached to this beach so, it is very good to improve education for your children. Having values that can be channeled to the general public is indeed very good for the integrity and preservation of the culture possessed by Labuhan Jukung Beach. Aside from being a means of education, it is also a family holiday offering that will certainly improve the quality of visitors.

2. The Route to the Coastal Location

For those of you who will visit Labuhan Jukung Beach, it's good to always pay attention to the directions that have been found in several directions from the city of Lampung. There are many directions from the city of Lampung to get to Labuhan Jukung Beach, so you will not experience confusion or difficulty getting to Labuhan Jukung Beach. Besides being easy to get to Labuhan Jukung Beach, it is also supported by adequate public facilities, both public transportation and roads that are suitable for use. To make your holiday more comfortable and comfortable with your beloved family.

3. Souvenir

Labuhan Jukung Beach presents many regional souvenir makers as well as from outside the city. Indeed this is one of the main attractions to satisfy visitors, to visit this Labuhan Jukung Beach destination. Besides, there are many unique souvenirs, also supported by affordable prices. So that even a comfortable vacation at an affordable price.After spending time having fun visiting Labuhan Jukung Beach. You will be offered a variety of interesting souvenirs that you can buy, of course, can be a memorable gift for you. There are traditional preparations typical of the city of Lampung, so you will easily find typical Lampung souvenirs because not necessarily in places outside the beach can get souvenirs typical of Labuhan Jukung Lampung.

4. Local Culture

As explained earlier if Labuhan Jukung Beach is unique that the beach does not have in general, because this beach provides value for education and additional insight for its visitors. Especially for history and culture, which is still maintained today.

5. Waves

The waves owned by Labuhan Jukung Beach are very beautiful and captivating to the eye of those who see them. Waves with moderate intensity, so it is very comfortable to swim and play water. With moderate waves, it is safe to play for all ages and all walks of life.

6. Spot Photos

There are many photo objects that you can enjoy while on Labuhan Jukung Beach. Indeed, besides its clean beaches, it is also supported by various interesting views. So that those who like to do photos are right to visit this Labuhan Jukung Beach. There are many places to take pictures and also managers from this beach, providing a place to take pictures.

7. Culinary

You will not have trouble getting food while on Labuhan Jukung Beach. Because there are many food vendors there. The food offered is of various kinds from local or traditional foods to seafood specialties, so when you are hungry you can easily order a variety of foods found on this Labuhan Jukung Beach.

8. Courteous

When visiting a tourist spot, you will certainly be treated to friendly hospitality from the surrounding residents. Indeed, Labuhan Jukung Beach is famous for its good and friendly residents. No wonder when many visitors were very enthusiastic when visiting Labuhan Jukung Beach, one of them because of the friendly locals. Spending vacation time with family, friends and comfortable friends at Labuhan Jukung Beach. In addition to the attractive scenery, it is also supported by various other unique beauties.