The Popular Batik Patterns in Indonesia

Batik can be said is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia. I could say that Batik and Indonesia are the things that canon t be separated since these typical traditional clothes of Indonesia have been used since many years ago. In the past, Batik was commonly used as the daily clothes of Indonesian people where it was usually worn with Kebaya or other traditional costumes.

Batik has been determined by UNESCO as Indonesia’s wealth since 2009. Nowadays, Batik is not always old, but it is more elegant and classy. This traditional clothing is now able to be used in several home decorations such as for sofa, furniture, carpet, pillow, and many more again. The interesting thing is that the Batik’s pattern in Indonesia is really varied. When I was there, I found that each city may have its own Batik pattern and here are some popular patterns of Batik in Indonesia.

Batik Megamendung

When you travel to Cirebon, you have to see this Batik pattern because it is so typical of that city. The Batik Megamendung pattern is so unique in the form of a big cloud with a bright red color. Several common colors used in this Megamendung are blue, dark red, purple, and dark green. This Batik can be bought online in several online shops or by visiting the sellers located in Cirebon or in the other cities in Indonesia.

Batik Tujuh Rupa

Batik Tujuh Rupa is typical from Pekalongan city and it is one of the tourist attractions there. Pekalongan itself is known as the center of Batik. The characteristic of this Batik is dominated by plants and animals. In addition, this Batik Tujuh Rupa or Batik Pekalongan will be so beautiful combined with the plain colors. Batik Pekalongan is now everywhere where it can be sold in Pekalongan or in any Batik store.

Batik Parang Rusak

It is one of the Batik Patterns that I liked the most. In fact, this pattern is so popular among Batik lovers because it is unique and interesting. In addition, Parang Rusak also has a deep philosophy which is a war between human against his bad attitude and desire in his life. Since this pattern is so popular, the Parang Rusak pattern is nowadays used at several products. This Batik is originally coming from Solo, a city located at the central Java.

Batik Keraton

Batik keraton is batik which was formerly found by the princess and Batik maker in the Keraton or palace area. That is why; the pattern of this Batik is so thick of the elegant, sacred nuance, and life’s philosophy. It is also a reason why many years ago Batik Keraton is only for a small part of society or only for them who have a relationship with the King. However, nowadays Batik keraton can be used by all people and I could buy it easily in the online shop or on several Batik sellers.

Batik Priyanka

Batik Priyangan is from Tasikmalaya and that is why; it is so easy to find this pattern in that city. This pattern is known for its characteristic of its tight pattern, neat, and also classy. It is dominated with the grasses and plants pattern which become the main characteristic of this Batik. It is so wonderful.

Batik Lasem

Batik lasem is Batik clothes from a place called Lasem. This area is located in the boundary of Central Java and East Java. That is why; this Batik can be easily found there. There is a strong characteristic of this Batik where it has a bright red color as the domination. It is because Batik Lasem is strongly influenced by Chinese culture. I could say that this pattern is one of the most expensive ones, but it is made sense because the pattern is so beautiful.


Batik Bali

When I traveled to Bali I was surprised that in fact Bali also has its own Baik pattern as one of its tourist attractions. The pattern was also popular right now and I could easily buy it in several sellers such as in the traditional market and many more again. The Batik Bali pattern is mostly inspirited from several animals such as turtles, crane, and deer. Mostly, this pattern also uses bright colors as its characteristic such as blue, yellow, and purple. Now, the Batik Bali is not only famous in Bali, but also in Indonesia.

Batik Pring Sedapur

Batik Pring Sedapur is originally from Magetan, a city located in central Java Indonesia. It is a batik pattern with a simple pattern. In fact, this pattern is really thick with philosophy meaning. Furthermore, this pattern is dominated with the bamboo plants which have the meaning of living in harmony and peace. Pring itself is the Javanese language which means bamboo.

Batik Malang

As it is named, Batik Malang is from Malang. Malang itself is a city that is located in East Java. A lot of people also travel to that city because the city is beautiful and also unique. In addition, Batik Malang pattern is also unique with the combination of temples’ pictures owned by that city. That is why; Batik Malang becomes one of the most interesting tourist attractions from Balang and it is suitable to be used as a gift.

Batik Betawi

As a capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta also has its typical Batik pattern which is called Batik Betawi. This Batik is usually shown in several Betawi culture exhibitions or used in several classy events in Jakarta. This batik is dominated with bright colors which are combined with the unique patterns of Betawi culture such as model, Nusa kelapa, gambang kromo, and pucuk rebung.

Those are 10 popular Batik patterns in Indonesia. Mostly, each Batik can be easily found at its place of origin or in the other cities because the pattern is popular. In addition, sometimes I also chose to buy the Batik from several trusted online shop.