The Popular Coffee Products and Coffee Shops in Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful country and I realized that this beautiful country has several tourist attractions to enjoy. One of them is coffee. Indonesia is well known as one of the countries that can produce the highest quality coffee beans. In addition, this tropical country is also known as the forth country that produces coffee for the world. That is why; several coffees from Indonesia were so famous within the countries or abroad. What are those?

1. Luwak Coffee

I tried Luwak Coffee when I travel to Indonesia. This coffee is so phenomenal and it also becomes the most expensive coffee in the world. Luwak Coffee is really delicious with its soft and typical taste. The thing that affects the price of this coffee is a fermentation process which is so unique because it is done inside the Luwak or civet body.

2. Javanese Coffee

Java Coffee or Kopi Jawa is really popular in this world and it is included as the Arabica coffee group. For the information, the world ‘Java’ itself is now becoming the slang word in English for coffee. This coffee production was started by the colonial government of Dutch in the 7th century and until now Java Island is still becoming one of the biggest coffee producers in this world.

3. Toraja Coffee

The other well-known coffee from Indonesia is Toraja Coffee. Most of this coffee comes from Toraja – Kalosi and it has the typical unique taste of ground and forest. It is because of the unique process which is done after the coffee beans were picked. A lot of people said that when someone drinks this coffee, the bitter taste will be gone suddenly. The interesting thing is that the people of Japan and the USA really love this coffee.

4. Gayo Coffee

The Gayo Coffee becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions in Aceh because it is originally from there. In addition, it is from the highland area in Aceh and it had been developed since 1908. I could say the Gayo Coffee is really famous in all over the world because it has the delicious taste and good fragrance. It is so typical so that when it is cupping or tested, coffee in Gayo almost has a taste like a world’s coffee taste. It was proved by several rewards gotten by this coffee as the world best coffee. Although there was a crisis in Europe, the demand for this coffee in the world market was still so high. In addition, the Gayo Coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world

5. Kintamani Coffee

When I travel to Bali, I bought this coffee as a gift. As it is named, Kintamani Coffee is from Kintamani, Bali. It is also the organic coffee that still uses the traditional irrigation system. The Kintamani coffee is a high-quality coffee because it is planted in a cold area with the fresh air around. This coffee also has a smooth texture and creates a soft taste when it is drunk. Kintamani Coffee is loved by a lot of people, especially by the Japanese people.

Those are several popular coffee products from Indonesia. The good news is that those coffee scans be enjoyed in several coffee shops in this country, especially the popular coffee shops there such as:

Solong Ulee Kareng Coffee Aceh. It is a legendary coffee shop in Aceh and becomes one best tourist attractions there. Solong itself is the name of the owner and until now this coffee shop still exists. The type of coffee used in this coffee shop is the Robusta Coffee which is combined with several ingredients such as sugar, butter, up to corn bean.

Kedai Massa Kok Tong. This coffee shop is a perfect place for them who love the bitter and thick coffee taste. It was built in 1925 by a Chinese origin named Lim Tee Kee and the interesting thing is that this coffee shop is never moved from past to present where it is located in Jalan Cipto no. 115, Pemantang Siantar City, North Sumatera.

Kedai es kopi Tak Kie. Travel to Jakarta, you have to visit Kedai Es Kopi Tak Kie. There are many kinds of coffee types served on this coffee shop such as the Robusta and Arabica coffee where the coffee beans come from Lampung, Sikidang, up to Toraja. The best menus of this coffee shop are the black coffee and the coffee milk. Made by the hereditary recipe, this legendary coffee shop made one of the best coffees in the city. This coffee shop was first time opened in 1927 and until now it still uses the traditional or ancient interior design which is thick of old Chinese nuance.

Warung kopi Purnama Bandung. I knew that Bandung has a lot of tourist attractions, but I have never known that this city also has a legendary coffee shop. It is the Warung Kopi Purnama that was built in 1930. This coffee shop uses traditional coffee beans from Medan as its main ingredient. Another must-try menu in this coffee shop is the Srikaya bread which becomes the best pair for my coffee.

Warung Kopi Phoenam Makassar. This coffee shop had been in this business since 1946. It was first built in Makassar and now it has some branches in Surabaya and Jakarta. The main coffee product used is the typical Toraja Coffee that is known for its delicious taste. In addition, there is something different from this coffee and I quite surprised about it. The Warung Kopi Phoenam uses the different steeping water for its coffee. In this place, the steeping water has been prepared since early morning to make the delicious coffee taste.

One thing for sure is that those are not the only coffee shops that can be found in Indonesia. There are more and they become great tourist attractions as well.