Candi Batujaya: Historical and Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attraction

Candi Batujaya Jawa Barat is an anti-mainstream tourist spot that you can visit when you travel to Karawang, West Java. Not many tourists know about this place. Candi Batujaya is actually a complex of temples that is suitable for you who love historical tourism. If you love history, do not miss to visit this anti-mainstream tourist destination in Karawang.

The Location of Candi Batujaya

Located around 44 Km away from Karawang, Jawa Barat. Candi Batujaya is situated in the area of Batujaya district. This is why this temple complex is called Candi Batujaya. This tourist attraction is indeed quite far away, especially if you depart from downtown. But your trip will surely be worth it once you have arrived in the place. Not only able to see the fantastic heritage of Tarumanegara Kingdom, but you will also be able to enjoy an impressive. It is because Candi Batujaya is located in the middle of paddy fields.

As far as you can see, you will find beautiful green panoramas that you will not find in urban areas. This temple complex seems to be united with the paddy fields. The natural atmosphere in the area will make you feel relaxed and calm. So, it can be said that you are visiting a historical as well as a natural tourist spot in Karawang, Jawa Barat.

Candi Jiwa

Not only one, but you will find 2 main temples in the area of Candi Batujaya. In addition, there are still some ruins and mounds of land that are expected to have ancient sites in them. Isn’t it interesting? The first temple is called Candi Jiwa. According to the information available in the temple area, This ancient building began to stand since the fifth or seventh century AD, coinciding with the reign of the Tarumanegara Kingdom. Considered as the oldest temple in Java Island, the shape of this ancient site still looks pretty fine. The brick foundation is still sturdy. Unfortunately, the Buddha statue as the decoration is not there anymore.

With 19x19 meters area and 4.7 meters of height, Candi Jiwa does not have any stairs. It is because the ritual procession is not performed on top of the temple. Instead, the ritual procession is performed around the temple. So, it is not surprising that there is a circular brick arrangement with a diameter of about six meters around the temple. The top part of Candi Jiwa has a shape of lotus flowers, similar to the foundation of a Buddha statue.

Candi Blandongan

You can find Candi Blandongan around 100 meters away from Candi Jiwa. The plan is like a square with an area of 25x25 meters. Each side of the temple has an entrance stair and fence. While the center part of the temple has a room with an area of 10x10 meters. It can be seen that the top part of Candi Blandongan was used to hold a ritual or religious ceremony. According to a number of sources, the top part was also decorated with some stupas. It is proven from several round rocks found around the temple. The round rocks are expected as a part of the Candi Blandongan.

Same as Candi Jiwa, Candi Blandongan was also built around the fifth century or seventh century AD in the reign of Tarumanegara Kingdom. Visiting the complex of Candi Batujaya, you will be able to see that Candi Blandongan is more spacious than Candi Jiwa. You can only access Candi Blandongan through a footpath from Candi Jiwa. If you visit this place in the morning or in the afternoon, you will be accompanied by refreshing winds.

A Garden Around Candi Batujaya

Both Candi Jiwa and Candi Blandongan are located in the middle of paddy fields. But a garden had been built around the temple complex so that the area looks more beautiful and more exotic. Once you have enjoyed exploring the temple complex, you can take a rest and get relaxed in the garden while enjoying the beautiful panorama. Spending your time in the garden around the temple will be fun. You can see some visitors lay down on the grass or play their guitar. If you visit the garden in the afternoon, the winds will make you feel refreshed.

A Museum in the Temple Complex

Not only a garden, but there is also a museum in the complex of Candi Batujaya. Several meters away from Candi Jiwa, you can find the museum. The building looks slightly similar to Demak Mosque, surrounded by fences made from bricks. Inside the museum, there is a number of collections of relics which are found around the complex of Candi Batujaya. By visiting the museum, you will be able to see yourself ancient artifacts and tools such as earthenware, statues, beads, iron plates, and many more.

There are even human’s skeletons which were found near Candi Blandongan. Up to now, the skeletons are still being researched with some help from several instances. You do not have to spend a lot of your money to get into and enjoy Candi Batujaya site. You just need to pay as you wish. Your money then will be used as retribution for the cleanliness of the temples, garden, and museum. This tourist destination is open from 8 AM to 4 PM.

According to history, Candi Batujaya was built near a beach or river in the beginning. This temple complex offers a breathtaking view with natural green paddy fields, remembering that it is situated in the middle of paddy fields now. In the afternoon when the sun is ready to set, the sky looks beautifully golden. Candi Jiwa, one of the main temple in Candi Batujaya complex, has been used as a worship place at least 2 years in a row by Buddhist people during Waisak. Thousands of Buddhist people from almost all cities in Indonesia come to the temple in order to hold the Waisak ceremony.

Since there are not many visitors and tourists know about this tourist attraction, Candi Batujaya Jawa Barat is a perfect place for you who prefer anti-mainstream places.