Complete Guide to Traveling in Toba Lake

Toba Lake is the largest and deepest caldera lake in the world. Toba Lake has a length of 87 km and a width of 27 km. This lake is formed from volcanic eruptions. The first eruption produced a caldera on the south side, the second eruption formed a caldera on the north side, and the third eruption turned the Toba Mountain into Lake Toba Tourist Attraction. Inside Toba Lake, there are other lakes namely Sidihoni Lake and Aek Natonang Lake. Besides the lake, there are other natural attractions around Toba Lake, a waterfall.

Waterfall Around Lake Toba

When you visit Lake Toba (The Gigantic Ancient Crater), you will find various beautiful waterfalls such as Situmurun Waterfall, Promise Waterfall, Efrata Waterfalls, Lumban Rang Waterfall, Binanga Bolon Waterfalls, and Turun Bolon Waterfall. Situmurun Waterfall is very unique because the water flow directly falls into Lake Toba. It is located on the edge of Lake Toba. So to reach the Situmurun Waterfall, tourists have to cross using a boat from the Port of Parapat City. The price of admission to this waterfall is free. Then, Promise Waterfall is said to be called a place where kings keep their promises or vows before the war. So that this waterfall is called the Promise Waterfall.

In addition, in this place, there are facilities in the form of a natural swimming pool. The price of admission to this waterfall is free. While, Efrata waterfalls is located in a hidden area so rarely visited by tourists. This makes the Efrata Waterfall called a hidden paradise. The price of admission to this waterfall is free. Besides, Lumban Rang Waterfall is one of the best mainstay attractions around the City of Parapat. This tourist area presents multilevel waterfalls and various other exciting activities such as photo hunting, strawberry picking, and camping.

The price of admission to this waterfall is free. The other is Binanga Bolon Waterfalls. It is called Binanga Bolon Waterfall because this waterfall comes from a large river. Binanga means river and Bolon means big. The price of admission to this waterfall is free. The last is Turun Bolon Waterfall that has exotic views and is adorned by steep and large cliffs, green trees and white river flows. The price of admission for this waterfall is IDR 9000.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lake Toba Tourist Attraction is based on what purpose you want to feel. If you want to experience a holiday with a variety of exciting activities, then choose to visit in September - November. As for those of you who just want to enjoy a relaxed and relaxing vacation, then choose a visit in May - September

  1. September - November
  2. During this period many festivals were held around Toba Lake, an annual event that featured traditional art, music and sports performances typical of North Sumatra. In addition, there are various competitions such as dragon boat competitions and fashion shows.
  3. May - September
  4. During this period, the scenery around Toba Lake is cool and your vacation will not be disturbed by rain. May is arguably the best month because the air temperature is not too strong and not too cold.

Culinary in the Lake Toba Region

Besides having an attractive Travel Guide to many waterfall around Lake Toba, Lake toba Tourist Attraction also has a culinary that must be tested, namely: Naniura which is a fish that is matured by soaking it in sour water or kaffir lime, Arsik Goldfish that is one of the typical Toba Batak dishes. This food is always available at traditional marriage and death ceremonies, Chicken Padar that is one of the foods served at certain traditional parties. What is unique about this food is that this food sauce comes from the blood of the chicken itself, and Ita Gurgur which food is made from rice that has been traditionally mashed. The resulting taste is sweet and savory.

Access to Toba Lake

  1. First, if you are from outside the island of Sumatra, the first thing you have to do is buying a plane ticket to the airport in Silangit.
  2. Next, from Silangit to Parapat (the place to cross to Samosir Island), you need to rent a car with a price range of approximately IDR 350,000.
  3. Finally, to cross from Parapat to Samosir Island, you have to use a ferry that takes a 30-50 minute trip duration.

Transportation around Toba Lake

To look around Toba Lake, you can use transportation modes such as boats. In addition, for those of you who are a bit brave, you can rent a bicycle, motorcycle or car to get around.

  1. Boat
  2. By using a boat, you can enjoy the surrounding waters of Toba Lake with a very beautiful view. The price of using this boat transportation is around IDR 14,000 on the trip.
  3. Bicycles
  4. Most of the inns on Lake Toba Tourist Attraction rent out bikes at a pretty cheap price. However, you need to be careful because the road around the lake is not good. The advantage of riding a bicycle is that you can cross villages and enjoy the beautiful view of Toba Lake.
  5. Motorbike
  6. The cost required to rent a motorbike is IDR 100,000 (including fuel). The thing to note when hiring an author is that you have to return on time because if you are negligent you will incur a large amount of fine.
  7. Cars
  8. Some lodgings also provide car rental. However, the price required is quite high compared to other modes of transportation.

Lodging on Samosir Island

Is lake toba worth visiting? There are several lakeside lodgings on Samosir Island that you should visit when traveling to Toba Lake.

  1. Carolina Cottages and Hotels
  2. This hotel is an ancient and typical Batak clan nuanced hotel. This hotel is one of the famous hotels on Samosir Island. The price of a room per night in this hotel is IDR 280,000.
  3. Samosir Villa Resort
  4. This hotel is touted as a hotel suitable for family time. In this hotel, there are two swimming pools, children's play area, fitness center. The price per night at this hotel is IDR 500,000
  5. Mas Cottages
  6. This hotel is a suitable hotel for those of you who are experiencing homesickness. Another specialty of this hotel is that all the rooms in this hotel overlook Lake Toba Tourist Attraction. In addition, the staff at this hotel are very friendly which is a plus. The price per room to stay at this hotel is IDR 420,000
  7. Atsari Hotel Parapat
  8. The hotel is surrounded by shades of greenery so it makes you feel comfortable around it. Cool at night and quiet at night make this hotel the right choice for tourists who need a long break. The price per night to stay at this hotel is IDR 800,000.
  9. Niagara Hotels and Resorts
  10. This hotel is located in the highlands. This allows you to witness the beauty of Lake Toba from a height.