Malang, Beautiful Paradise for Natural Tourism

Malang is an area located in East Java Province. The city which is famous for its poor apple has succeeded in attracting tourists both from domestic and abroad to visit Malang, plus Malang has several universities whose quality undoubtedly makes many students outside the poor area go to search for knowledge in Malang. One of the highlights of this unfortunate is its charming natural attractions. What are some beautiful natural attractions and must be visited in Malang? Here are some beautiful natural attractions and must be visited when going to Malang.

Coban Rais

Coban Waterfall or this waterfall is a beautiful natural destination in the city of Malang. With a flow as high as about 20 meters, the Coban Rais surrounded by beautiful green evidence makes this place create a view that is so soothing to the eye. Plus around the Coban Rais area there are some interesting photo spots to take pictures and enjoy the scenery around with girlfriends, friends, and family. Interesting spots in the Coban rais such as heart-shaped viewing post, pedaling in the air, and colorful hammocks can be chosen as the best spot. So when going to Malang, don't miss to stop by Coban Rais and enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

Omah Kayu

Omah Kayu or Indonesian wooden house is a natural attraction in the form of lodging of wooden houses that are located in the trees. There are about six treehouses, each treehouse that can only accommodate as many as three people. This nature tour presents a clear natural scenery and can also be seen clearly the city of Batu plus when the night its charm will be more beautiful when added to the light produced from that stone city. Don't forget to bring a jacket when you come here because the air is very cold. Omah wood is located at an altitude of 1,340 above sea level so that the temperature can be very cold.

Panderman Mountain

The mountain, located in Malang, is a destination that is usually visited to test adrenaline. With an elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level, it will surely present a beautiful view when we go to the summit. For novice climbers, this mountain is among the safest mountains to visit and climb. Because this mountain is used for training and warming up by nature-lovers. To reach the peak, you only need a day. Usually, climbing time only takes about 2-3 hours just not like climbing another mountain. When starting the climb at dawn, then we can see the charm of the sun rising on the summit of Mount Panderman.

Wiringnanom Tubing Tourism

Tubing Wiringnanom Tourism is also the most recommended natural tourist spot. This tour is the same as rafting, but the difference is the tool used is a tire and here you will pass the Amprong River and Coban Pelangi rivers that flow from Mount Semeru. For safety equipment, you don't need to worry because a helmet will be provided to protect your head to avoid the impact of cliffs flowing by the river. This destination is suitable for adrenaline testers when you are bored with climbing mountains, you can try to tubing and feel the sensation and excitement.

Mbehi Beach

The beach in Malang is no less beautiful than the beach in Bali. Mbehi Beach is the most visited beach destination. The main attraction of this beach is the crater located on the edge of the reef where the crater directly penetrates to sea level. When big waves come, seawater will gush out of the crater hole, creating an interesting phenomenon to be seen. Not only that, the seawater at this beach is also famous for being very clear so that many visitors want to swim and play water here while enjoying the atmosphere of the beach in Malang.

Bidadari Bay

Still in the same place, namely Mbehi beach. This place presents a stunning natural-made spot that is a niche that forms a natural pool. Clear blue water with a shallow depth allows you to play water and swim here. The distance from mbehi beach you just walk or tracking to get to the Bidadari bay for approximately 30-40 minutes. Tired that suddenly felt just disappeared after seeing the bay of angels who are interesting to see and enjoy with someone dear. Malang has never stopped to create extraordinary natural tourist destinations.

Balekambang Beach

Still, on a beach destination, balekambang beach is a beach destination with attractive photo spots. This beach is commonly referred to as the Tanah Lot Malang version because on this beach there is a temple called Amerta Jati which was built somewhat to the middle of the sea. To reach the temple it must pass the available bridge. Most people visit Balekambang Beach this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful Sunset. This beach is famous for the best sunset spots in Malang. Not only that, you can also watch a variety of exotic coral reefs on the shoreline when the sea is receding.

Tiga Warna Beach

This beach has its own uniqueness that is the beach has 3 colors. This three-color beach has gradations of green, white and blue. This makes the tourists interested in visiting this place because of the unique beach. The color of the beach is caused by the refraction of sunlight and plankton vegetation on this beach. Three Color Beach also has other attractions such as mangrove forests located at the confluence of the sea and river. This forest serves to prevent abrasion and can protect you from the heat of the sun if you take shelter under it. This beach is the most frequently visited even the beach is very quiet because of its extraordinary treats

Those are some of the most attractive natural tourist destinations in Malang and also an icon of Indonesia's tourism now. Malang still has several destinations that are no less good than the above. You can see other destinations on the internet, but the destinations above are the most desirable and most visited destinations both from domestic and foreign tourism. The development of tourism in Malang is very rapid and the local city government has begun to try to increase the security and security facilities in nature tourism so that tourists feel safe while on vacation and relaxing with family.