Curug in Pemalang – Top 10 Waterfall Destinations to Visit in Pemalang

Do you want to visit the best curug in Pemalang? Why not? Being located in Central Java, Pemalang is blessed with natural beauty that will capture your heart. There will be a lot of waterfalls (curug in Javanese) that you can opt for your next tourist destination. Get to know the best waterfalls you can visit while having a holiday in Pemalang in this following article.

Curug Pitu (Seven Waterfalls)

This tourist destination is located in Badak Village, Pemalang. Being located on a highland surrounded by green hills, you will need about 30 minutes of trecking to reach the waterfalls. The location of this Curug Pitu is just nearby another popular waterfall in the region, Curug Sejajar. Curug Pitu is a group of small waterfalls with clear refreshing water. The scenic view around the waterfalls is also fantastic. You can easily find amazing photo spots to allow you to get stunning pictures of the waterfalls.

Curug Silawat Moga

This is another curug in Pemalang in the list that you should not skip when visiting the region. The waterfall is located in Moga District, south Pemalang. It is about 40 kilometers from the city center. Due to the remote place of the tourist destination, Curug Silawet Moga is less crowded if compared to the other waterfalls. However, the beauty of the waterfall is unbeatable. It can be said that Curugg Silawer Moga is a hidden paradise in Pemalang. Make sure that you have good stamina when planning to visit the waterfall. This is because you have to walk for about 3 kilometers to reach the waterfall from the nearest village.

Curug Sidok

If you are looking for a waterfall where you can swim and enjoy water attractions with your family in Pemalang, Curug Sidok can be one of the best options to take. Being located in Mandiraja Village, this waterfall has a very refreshing and quite hard water flow. However, just be careful with the rocks around the waterfalls since they are quite slippery.

Curug Mbawang

Curug Mbawang in Pemalang is one of the popular destinations in the city. The waterfall has a fantastic scenic view that you can’t miss. You will also find lush green rice field terraces along your way to the waterfall. Make sure that you prepare your stamina since the trek to reach the Curug Mbawang is quite challenging. However, once you get to the waterfall, you will get your treat. The water is so clear and refreshing that you can swim comfortably there.

Curug Kidang

Don’t forget to visit Curug Kidang when you visit Pemalang Regency. It is a curug in Pemalang which offers fantastic natural beauty. Being situated in Girimulya Village, this waterfall is popular among people who are looking for different tourist destinations in the city. Curug Kidang is situated between two hills, far from the city center. The remote location of the waterfalls makes the has fresh air and quiet ambiance. You need to go through a quite difficult track to reach the Curug Kidang. Additionally, there a lot of big slippery rocks along the way to the waterfalls. So, watch your moves!

Curug Duwur

The term “duwur” comes from the Javanese language which means “high”. This is because the waterfall is considerably high with crystal clear water. Curug Duwur is located in Karangpucung Waranata Village, Pemalang. This waterfall is one of the big hits in Pemalang tourisms and has been visited by many tourists, especially youngsters. They like to take romantic photos while enjoying the great atmosphere around the tourist destination. You will see spectacular green rice fields views along your way to Curug Duwur. To reach the waterfall, you need to walk about 30 minutes from the parking area.

Curug Sejajar

This is another curug in Pemalang which is located Badak Village, not far from Curug Pitu. You can even walk for minutes to get to the Curug Pitu from this tourist destination. Just like its nearby waterfall, this Curug Sejajar has an exceptional view that will capture your heart soon after you see it. There will be a lot of places that can be perfect spots for you to take pictures. It is called Curug Sejajar since there are two in-line waterfalls you can find in the area. Each of them comes with refreshing water that will make you feel relax.

Curug Lawang

"Lawang" comes from the Javanese language which means “door”. It is called so since Curug Lawang is situated between two green hills. It looks like the waterfall becomes a door which is placed between the two hills. The waterfall is located in Mendelem Village in south part of Pemalang. Curug Lawang is relatively short if compared to most waterfalls you can find in the city. The height is only 12 meters and the location is not too large. However, the unique location of the waterfalls makes it popular among tourists since it offers different charm they hardly find elsewhere.

Curug Sibedil

This is another waterfall you should not miss to visit when visiting Pemalang. Curug Sibedil is located in Karangbulu Village, Moga District and about 31 kilometers from the city center. It is quite easy to reach the waterfall, especially if you ride a motorcycle. What makes Curug Sibedil popular among tourists is that it comes with a group of small waterfalls surrounded a pool of freshwater. This is where you can swim freely and comfortably. After being tired of swimming, you can take a rest by sitting on the large rocks you can find around the pool.

Curug Bengkawah

Curug Bengkawah is considered to be the most beautiful curug in Pemalang. You will be fascinated by the natural beauty of the waterfall. The local people also call it “Twin Waterfalls”. This is because the Curug Bengkawah has two waterfalls which are located near to each other. One of the waterfalls comes with 20 meters in height with a hard flow of water. Additionally, you will also find slippery large rocks everywhere. So, be careful when you are swimming in the pool under the waterfalls.