Tourist Attractions In Pacitan in Pacitan: Cave, Beach, And Culinary

Pacitan is a regency based in the southwest of East Java province which has very interesting places for travelers. So, it is unfortunate for those of you to miss it. Travelers have various cities to visit in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta, Bali and any other cities. Now it is time the writer discusses tourist attractions in Pacitan, which is known as the city of a thousand Cave. The nickname comes with a reason. In Pacitan regency there are a lot of caves that you can visit. Not only Caves, Pacitan also has other interesting places that you must visit such as beaches, mountains, historical sites and a lot more.

Goa Gong

The first cave of the cave tour in Pacitan is Goa Gong, this place is located in Bomo village. This cave provides stunning views of stalactites and stalagmites. This cave is also quite deep and takes quite a long time to go down to all the cave passages, yes this cave has a depth of seven to eight hundred meters and has seven broad cave rooms. Each cave room has its own characteristics and uniqueness. In one of these cave rooms, there is a room called an angel, which has a clear pool of water. Besides, the cave gong also has a stone that when struck it will produce a voice like a gong; so this cave is called the Gua Gong or gong cave. If you visit this place you do not need to bring your own flashlight and other lighting tools. It is because the walls of the cave have a lot of lighting equipment installed so that the cave is no longer dark like other caves.

Goa Tabuhan

The next destination of the cave tour is Goa Tabuhan, this cave has a uniqueness that is rarely found in caves in general. This cave has a stalactite which when tapped will produce a sound like a gamelan (gamelan is a typical Javanese musical instrument). This cave is often made into an object to play music with by the residents of that area. Therefore this cave is called Goa Tabuhan. Tabuhan in Javanese means hitting a musical instrument. This cave is located on the Punung regency of Pacitan. Goa Tabuhan has a depth of about a hundred meters from the ground.

Banyu Tibo Beach

Besides Klayar Beach and Buyutan Beach, the next famous beach in Pacitan is Banyu Tibo Beach. Banyu Tibo Beach has a very charming and unique natural scenery. On that beach, there is a waterfall that flows directly from the mountains to the sea. Besides having a waterfall, Banyu Tibo Beach is also surrounded by green hills and clusters of rocks that add to the beauty of the beach. On this Banyu Tibo Beach, visitors can do a variety of fun activities, such as swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and selfies on the beach, waterfalls, hills, and cliffs. Well, for the cost of admission is also very affordable, you know, which is around five thousands for a person. This Banyu Tibo Beach, the location is also close to you know with Goa Gong, precisely based in Widoro, Donorejo, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province.

Typical Rice Tourism Tiwul Pacitan

For those of you who like to go on a culinary tour, do not miss to try Tiwul Rice in Pacitan. One of the famous Tiwul stalls in Pacitan is Buwos' Rice Tiwul Rice. The location is on the street Solo-Pacitan East Java. Tiwul rice here is very delicious by eating Tiwur accompanied by Urap and vegetables mixed with fresh young shark meat. Even more tempting with the spicy warm raw chili sauce that makes your sensation of eating more sensational. With this sensational dish, your culinary experience will be more complete when your drink is iced coconut. Culinary tourist attractions in Pacitan are also always packed by buyers, both local and outside travelers.

Pidakan Beach

The exotic beach that you must stopover next is Pidakan beach. The beach is unique and disparate from other beaches in Pacitan which have a beach in the form of pebbles. The pebble rocks on this beach are pure white, so the charm of this beach is disparate from other beaches. So that visitors feel comfortable to linger on this beach because of the beauty of this exotic Pidakan beach. This beach is based in Jetak Village, Tulakan District. Precisely in the village of Godek Kulon. Based about fifty kilometers from downtown Pacitan. Then you can stopover and feel the Pacitan natural condition by passing through the Southern Cross Line.

Enchanting Maron River

This river provides natural scenery like in the American Green Canyon. Based in Dersono village, Pringkulu District. You can get to this place from Pacitan City by taking about an hour. In this tour, you can walk along a beautiful river and see the beautiful scenery around the river by boat. This river is still natural with clear and clean water because it is a vital river for residents. So that it is well guarded. The river is a source of irrigation for residents and fish habitat that is utilized well by the surrounding village residents. Maron River is also used as a race venue every year.

Family Tourism: Banyu Anget Baths

You can relax your tired body after a day of sightseeing by soaking in the Banyu Anget baths. This tourist destination is also very well known in Pacitan. Hot springs from the limestone hills managed by the Tirto Husodo Baths. This bath in Karangrejo village, Arjosari district, Pacitan. From the center of Pacitan City, it is about fifteen kilometers to the North. You can enjoy soaking in hot water while looking at beautiful natural scenery. Around this traveler appeal is surrounded by green hills, thus creating a calming atmosphere. Those previous places are only a few of the traveler destinations in Pacitan, there are still many more traveler destinations in this Small City. Pacitan area is rich specifically its natural condition, let's preserve it well. Share this article with everyone so they know that tourist attractions in Pacitan is amazing and can not be missed.