You Have to Visit These Tourist Attractions in Sumbawa

When you are trying to decide where to go on your next vacation, you need to consider going to these tourist attractions in Sumbawa. Sumbawa is an island that is located in West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. Indonesia has many beautiful islands that are still very natural and gorgeous. Sumbawa is definitely one of those beautiful islands. It is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia because of its extremely exotic sceneries. You have not seen the true beauty of Indonesia if you have not visited Sumbawa. Besides having beautiful sceneries, this island also has a lot of tourist attractions that attract a lot of domestic and international tourists. If you want to go to Sumbawa and are looking for places to visit there, you are reading the right article. Keep reading to find out the places in Sumbawa that you should definitely visit.

Mantar Hill in Mantar Village

Have you ever wondered what a country above the clouds would look like? Well, in Sumbawa, you do not have to wonder that ever again. You can visit Mantar hill in Sumbawa, which is a hill that is located in the Mantar village. This hill is also known as the country above the clouds because you can literally see the cloud beneath you from the top of this hill. Mantar village is located 600 meters above sea level, which is quite high. In this village lies the Mantar hill which you can climb on. On top of this hill, you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery that Sumbawa has to offer. You can see the wide fields of plantations and you will be among the clouds in the sky. Definitely, a view that will be memorable for anyone that visits this place. The sunrise will be exceptional and breathtaking when viewed from this hill.

Enjoy the Peaceful and Remote Kenawa Island

Sumbawa is an Indonesian island that is actually surrounded by many small islands that should not be missed. One of those small islands that surround Sumbawa is Kenawa island. This island is an island that has no civilization. Nobody lives in this island, which makes it very peaceful and natural. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sumbawa because it is a great place for you to go camping or even just visit and take pictures on. Before you plan on visiting this island, you need to make sure that you go during the right season. You also need to make sure to bring a lot of water since there is not any water spring on this island. There are several activities that you can do here such as snorkeling or swimming on the beach. Because this island is very quiet and definitely the opposite of crowded, you will feel like you are having fun on your very own personal private island. It is the perfect get-away from your busy life.

The Historical Dalam Loka Palace

Sumbawa is filled not only with natural tourist attractions but also with historical tourist attractions. One of them is the historical Dalam Loka Palace. This palace is located only 3 kilometers from the airport so it is quite easy for you to get there. This palace contains a lot of stories from the reign of the Sultans of Sumbawa. Dalam Loka Palace is built using the best teak wood during its time. It also does not use iron nails, but wooden pegs instead. This makes the building super tough. That is also why this palace can survive during horrible earthquakes that sometimes happen in Indonesia. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful building, you can also learn a little bit about the interesting history of Sumbawa.

Chill in Gili Bola/Bedil Island

Bedil island is another small island that surrounds Sumbawa. It has hundreds and hundreds of coconut trees, giving this island a very tropical feel. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean, the white sand under your feet, and the many coconut trees on this island. Unlike Kenawa island which has no signs of life, Bedil island has one building that stands on top of this island. That building is owned by the watchman of this island. In order to reach this island, you need to get yourself on a boat from Labuan Pade or Labuan Bajo. But believe us when we say the view will be totally worth it.

Surf Away at Maluk Beach

If you are a surfer, do not forget to bring your surfboard with you. You are definitely going to love this next tourist attraction that is located in Sumbawa. Maluk beach is one of the many beautiful beaches that you can find in Sumbawa. However, its beautiful views are not the only thing that attracts tourists to go to this beach. Maluk beach is quite famous among international tourists for its amazing waves that are definitely fit for surfing. In fact, this beach is even called one of the best places to go surfing in Indonesia. This beach is three hours away from the airport and has lots of hostels all around it for you to stay at. Usually, those hostels will be filled with surfers from all around the world, especially around June to August. The wave that Maluk beach has is usually called the “Super Suck” because of how tall it can get. The waves can get up to two meters high. However, the wave will end before it reaches the shore. This is definitely a place for you if you enjoy surfing.

Final Thoughts

Planning your vacation is going to be super fun. It is going to be even more fun if you decide to go to Sumbawa, Indonesia. Sumbawa is one of the most beautiful and exotic islands in Indonesia. This island also has a lot of tourist attractions that attract both domestic and international tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for the perfect getaway, you should definitely visit Sumbawa. From beautiful sandy beaches to a historical palace and remote islands, Sumbawa really has it all. You can also go surfing on one of its famous beaches. That is why you should visit these amazing tourist attractions in Sumbawa.